How much voltage is too much?

I have a AMD Athlon 64 3000+ socket 939 Winchester core. I was wondering how much voltage is safe to run through it using stock air cooling? The normal voltage is 1.4 and I'd like to push it to 1.65. Is this too high?
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  1. 1.65 is too high on stockcooling. I'm being a bit conservative on this but I wouldn't recommend over 1.5 on stockcooling for long term.
  2. yeah stock cooling I would push past 1.5vcore either... agree with scott there.

    I've pushed 1.725vcore on water and that got scary... not the best water, but still 55c and I'm backing down.

    And even on my crappy water.. which is about equal to topnotch air.. I get 48c under full load.

    should be able to pull 2.4ghz with 1.5vcore depending on the stepping of the chip.

    some of the 0440's will do 2.5ghz with stock vcore...

    mine takes 1.55vcore to get to 2.5ghz. 1.6vcore gets me 2.65.

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  3. Prometeia Mach2 ST kicks ass only 300US, anybody who's got that much money to actually waste should get it.
  4. 300 US??? damn, you spiked my interest... checking it out now.

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  5. where do i see the US equivalent? 300 bucks is very doable.

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  6. Thanks for the help. The reason i was asking is that I can get 2.65GHz out of my chip if I push the voltage to 1.65. This seemed a little too high to run it at on a regular basis so I was just making sure. Right now I am running it at 2.5 GHz @ 1.5 volts. Temps are at 40 idle, 48 after running prime95 for a half hour. Not bad - a 40 percent overclock and it still runs way cooler then my old Athlon XP 2000+ Palomino core did at default speed. Replacing the stock thermal pad with arctic silver would probably lower the temp another few degrees - Anyone got suggestions on how to remove the pad without scratching up the heatsink?
  7. Well I got mine for 470CAD, the reason why I guessed 300US is because of of course conversion rate and the fact that stuff in the US costs cheaper than Canada.
  8. Hmm think more overall in the CPU heat. The juice can be upped as long as you are not going over 60c.

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  9. Not sure a Prommie would help at this point... my board doesn't support any more than +.35vcore... which when I use can't get this chip stable past 2.75ish.. so this chip wouldn't warrant a phase changer.

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  10. But volt modding your board is incredibly easy.
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