Graphics < Gameplay Ultma Online 15 years later

I always ask myself and come to the conclusion of Gameplay > Graphics. Sure in a perfect world I would want both but that doesnt always happen. Aion SWG AOC SwTOR name all the MMO and still I end up back playing Ultima Online. **** graphics but a simplified gameplay that surpasses even the most complicated and indepth games out today. Should developers step back and create a not so pretty game.

This UO server has been up for just over a week and is going strong with new players starting every day. A 15 year old game that is still able to draw people in and get them addicted from day one. They've got the most features of any UO free shard out there and the dedicated staff has created the most balanced world possible! Here are just a few of our many features:

Insta-Hit and Pre-Casting
UO:R Style Factions
Automated Duel/Tournament Arena's
Champion and Paragon Spawns
BOD's and Plant System
No Mounts
and much more! Check them out at, visit the IRC channel and forums to meet the community and learn more!
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  1. Gameplay and graphic quality are separate entities and there is no reason that you can't have both.

    It almost seems like what you're saying is that if modern games were developed with poor graphic quality they would somehow have better gameplay. I don't believe so, I think they would just be crappy looking games with the EXACT SAME gameplay.

    I think the real problem here is that modern development concerning the gameplay has changed for what many PC gamers consider the worse, and those changes had nothing to do with graphics, but for appealing to broader (dumber) audiences.

    I think it's easy to forget sometimes that many of the games that we consider to have awesome gameplay also had cutting edge graphics at the time. There is no reason this still can't be the case.
  2. And UO is a poop-stained example of games changing to accomodate the "broader" audience (as you so nicely put it). I'll save you the 20-page rant.
  3. No Nanosuits?
    I'm out....
  4. jesot said:
    And UO is a poop-stained example of games changing to accomodate the "broader" audience (as you so nicely put it). I'll save you the 20-page rant.


    Game was an is the best MMO I have ever played ....then along came trammel, ninjas samurais and more weird crap. Game is now broken.
  5. Pub16 killed it for me. I dealt with Trammel, Factions (which was sometimes cool - certainly better than the "factions" modern games have), and Runic Weapons. But the change in skill gains and the scrolls just were too much. I left right before they tried to implement a class system and make the game into a horrible attempt at a Diablo II clone.

    It took a lot to get me to quit that game.
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