OC and MB CPU lifespan?

I never overclocked my system before and have a few questions.

My Spec's
MSI Neo 4 Platinum
A64 939 3000+ 90nm retail HS
Corsair XMS512-3500CL2
Antec True 550watt

My current settings
240 FSB CPU Voltage +5% of CPU_VID (2160 mhz)
RAM 166mhz (400mhz) 2-2-2-6 v2.7
NF Chipset 1.65v
Aggresive Timings
Spread Spectrum Disabled.

I use 3dMark05, Sandra 2005 burn in wizzard and Prime 95 to test for stability.

These settings ran stable for over 14 hours with a max CPU temp of 41C

1) How will increasing the voltage and FSB to these levels affect the lifespan of my motherboard and CPU? I need these parts to last at least two years.

2) If my MB/CPU dies under these settings is my waranty voided?

3) I have two CPU voltage settings CPU_VID and CPU Voltage which has by CPU_VID, +3.3%, +5%, +8%. +8 percent flashes red and has a warning.

Should I be increasing the CPU_VID setting or the CPU Voltage settings or both?.

What would be the higest safe voltage or are all voltages other than default unsafe?

4) I can't seem to find a motherboard monitor that will acurately monitor my voltages and temps correctly. MSI's core utility only shows 4 voltages and 2 temps and won't record avg and maximun values, Sandra 2005 shows my 12v as 2v, MB Monitor 5 shows my CPU temp as -56C ect.

I would like a monitor that has graphs or at least one that is updated to work with my motherboard any suggestions?

5) Any websites/forums where I can find information on how to get the most out of my motherboards. Yes I know how to use google, but it if anyone knows a particularly good site it will save me much time.

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  1. That's not a very drastic overclock. Excessive heat and voltage are the biggest CPU killers. It's like this though:
    You have introduced your CPU to smoking. Some people smoke for decades with no affect. Some people get lung cancer in 15 years and die. It's not always possible to say who will be affected. If your MB or CPU do die, who's to say it was from overclocking and how would AMD or MSI know if I hadn't sent them an E-mail with your specs and your real name and address?

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