I am confused about pings.
I play battle pirates and have had bad issues recently with the game lags and glitches. Kixeye who are the game developers tell me my ping rate is too high??? How do I fix this? :sarcastic: :pt1cable:
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  1. Ping is basically how long it takes for your PC's data to reach the server and vice-versa.

    You can lower it by upgrading your internet speed, making sure you aren't taxing the network in other ways while playing (Downloading stuff, uploading videos.), or increasing your connection strength. If you are using Wi-Fi to connect to the internet you should get a direct ethernet cable connection if possible.
  2. Hi..yes it is wifi.. Hmmmm.... Issue with that is living on a barge so would mean I have to sit up in wheel house to play.. That's no fun!!! Guess that would be the answer but its not ideal!! Spend way too much time on the game to play this way. Alternative I spose is to stop playing if this my only route now :non:
  3. Yeah, that is probably why. If you can't get closer to the router you'll just have to live with it. Sorry.
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