Heatsink and fan for P4 640

I'm putting together my new computer, and need advice on what to use on my socket 775 P4-640 3.2 CPU, I'm using a Gigabyte GA-8GPNXP Duo, It's possible that I will be overclocking it.
I haven't built a computer in over 3 yrs, so I'm way out of the game on what's hot and what's not. Any reccomendations would be appreciated.
Thank you.
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  1. You'll need good watercooling if you intend on overclocking a Prescott. For keeping chip cool, the Thermalright XP120 is probably the best choice.
  2. oh dear, i guess you are kinda out of the game, those prescotts are as hot(if not hotter) then myself *note, that is pretty damn hot* air cooling is usually sucifient for only running the scotty on normal clocks, again, water cooling would be recommended, or get the vapochill or prometeia mach II for like 800 bucks =P

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  3. I thought the new 640 Prescotts were much better at heat management. That was the reason I held out, for a better design
  4. You got whats HOT :lol: The socket 775 CPU is a hot puppy, but if cooled properly and with the correct hardware they can really put out some pretty impressive benchmarks. Ive got the P4 550. Now your 600 series is supposed to run a little cooler that the 500 series. You must consider more than just the CPU on this setup im afraid. You will need to cool the NorthBridge, and the CPU if you plan on overclocking. Depending on the rest of your system specs you may get lucky and not have one of the super hot chips. If this is the case then you may be able to get by without watercooling although I wouldnt crank my system up without liquid. Your looking at somewhere around $150 - $200.00 to get a liquid cooling system. If you will list the rest of your components it would be helpful. Is that Mobo the one that uses DDR or DDR2? I hope you got some really fast DDR2, I run Crucial Ballistix PC5300 in mine. What PSU did you get? This is a power hungry system.

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  5. This MB has two DDR2 dimms and four DDR dimms. I already have 2 gig of regular DDR, so I won't spend any more for ram. For power I went with the Neopower 480 from Antec.

    For about $150 to $200 more for a water cooling rig I would have rather spent that money on the next CPU up, the 3.4. I guess I won't be overclocking then.

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  6. You would only run into a hotter CPU though. I cant say for sure how bad the heat will be with the 600 series. Your just going to have to crank her up and see. The thing about the socket T is that it doesnt only effect the CPU. You must be aware that the NB will get to hot just as easy as the CPU. Are you putting it together or waiting on it to get to you. What brand is the DDR and what speed? What about your case?

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  7. I have 1 gig of Kingston valueram PC3200 400 dual channel I bought 6 months ago, and 1 gig Corsair Value select same stats different lacency. I'm still putting the pieces together, I just recieved my Radeon X800XL today and I have a Maxtor ultra 16 SATA 300GB HD, The case is a Antec P160 Aluminum. Im also adding a Panaflow 120 mm to the rear of the case.
  8. you would want to be looking into some fast DDR2 ram for your cpu and video card, it'll be a bottleneck if you don't, plus... if ddr2 is avaliable and faster, why not use it? just sell those ddr sticks on ebay, they arn't worth much either =\

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  9. I was really counting on being able to use that DDR. I work with alot of video these days and THG's article on DDR2 makes the point. The whole case latency thing seems confusing to me, I guess I'll go hang out in the memory section and try to learn something. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!
  10. What video applications? Is this system going to be used as your income provider? I dont like the sound of mixing different specs of RAM I will check and see, but I dont think that you will be able to run Dual Channel. If that is the case, you may as well plan on getting some new RAM. The DDR2 has only recently started to show up in high speeds with low timmings. If you havent opened the RAM yet maybe you can exchange it. You didnt say if you had put this system together yet?

    On the fan locations.... Will you have 1 120mm on the rear and 1 on the front? The rear fan is usually used for exhaust, but its not the best for cooling. Take the rear 120mm fan and simply reverse it so that instead of pushing air out of the system its pulling fresh air into the system. Just think about thata minute and you will probably see why it makes sense to do this.

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  11. It's not an Income provider, I have many HI-8 And Digital tapes that I want to convert to DVD. Does anyone recommend any specific memory for this MoBo. I wish I could go ahead with the regular DDR until DDR2 prices come down a little.
    I was looking at the Corsair top of the line XMS2, I'll probably need at least 1 gig of it, but only have two dimms.
    I will turn the fan inward , but I still have to add a fan somewhere to vent exaust, right?
  12. okay, DDR2 has faster data transfer, but more latency, but surely the data transfer will compensate as it almost doubles what regular DDR modules are suppose to run and only adds about 1 ns to the latency.

    EDIT: oops, forgot to check page two^^. the reason that you turn your fan around(someone explained this too me before, but only expect an incremental improvement) is that the cool air can get to the mobo, cpu and gpu faster then if you put the intake in front, get it? in other words, it takes the cool air less time/distance to get to the hot parts then if you put your fan in front.

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  13. Do you have 2 fans in your PSU?

    Im not sure yet about your DDR running Dual channel or not. If it will then I would probably try it first. If it wont then you will at least need to match some of the exisisting DDR that you have. I have Crucial Ballistix in mine.

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  14. the dark abyss of the DDR2... whoooo, i doubt it'll run dual channel though, i thought it was an A64 thing

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  15. It works the same as regular DDR. I was referring to his current RAM. He has two different brands of regular DDR They are rated at different latencies so I dont know if that would effect it running in dual channel.

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  16. no, but i mean his processor is a p4, wait... do they support dual channel?... and to the different latency thing, if the two moduels can share a option and the chipsets arn't different(UTT, TCCD), then both moduels will run at the slower setting and therefore would be able to dual channel.

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  17. I guess I didnt understand what you were saying.

    Yes Intel runs dual channel. Your correct about the two different brands running dual channel. I had never thought about the different latencies before.

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