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Hi Guys

I've got my FSB up to 245 Mhz and can't run stably at much more than this. I've tried underclocking the CPU, and the memory is rated up to 550Mhz. (So it shouldn't be pushed until I get to 275 right?)

My PSU is only a Hiper Power 350Watt and I know getting a better quality PSU will help but is there anything else I can try first?

Also I had problems with the AGP lock but a bios update and running 8:2:1 seems to have fixed that.


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  1. Is your northbridge passivly cooled? If so you might wanna consider getting a fan for it, in my guess that whats holding you back. But a few more details on your system would help.
  2. Sorry guys, the mobo and cpu are a 3200+ 939, on a Abit AV8.

    But this post is tottaly pointless now as with a bit more tweaking I've got it the FSB up to 280Mhz and the processor up to 2.6 ghz
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