Will not display a Movie on TV, but works on laptop... y?

Hey all,
Just got a Laptop with Blu-ray and HDMI out... i connect the laptop via HDMI to my widescreen TV thats 1080p.

The laptop screen stays on and the TV sees the exact replic of the screen. BUT when I play a Blu-Ray movie, i CAN see it on the Laptop, but NOT on the TV.

Why is this? Am i missing a setting somewhere?

Thanks all!
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  1. Have you tried the hot keys to move the display to the other screen? You should have some Function key combination to move the main display to the secondary screen, which would be your TV. Usually it's FN + F5 or F7, but varies by laptop.
  2. i'll try that and let you know... thanks!
  3. update.?
  4. not hom to do it yet :)
    i'll let you know asap
  5. ok, tested it... still the same... video fine on the laptop, no video on the tv, just the sound.
  6. updated video drivers if available, maybe also look for BIOS updates.
  7. Aha, so you got sound, means your cable is sending stuff to the TV. Check the native resolution of the TV, and set the secondary display on the laptop to that. It could be that your laptop is trying to send a video signal to the TV that it can't read.
  8. ^
    nice call.
  9. Once you connect via hdmi your television is probably being configured as a display. With windows you can go into properties and select the one you want to use. Follow these steps... Right click your desktop and goto display properties. At the top there should be multiple displays choose the one representing your hdmi.
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