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After reading posts on how psu's are main course of fire, I thought of cleaning my psu. When I opened my case,I found lotsa dust in fans and psu and my hsf fins.I cleaned them out completely. Guess what after all the cleaning the temperature was still the same.
Gosh...yeah no difference at all...
And my bios and Asus utility temperature readings differ by 10 deg cel. Bios is higher.
Please help me on this. Could you give me the best overclocking possibilites with my config below.

Celeron 2.4,Asus P4S800 mb,PC3200 512mb ram,fx5200 128mb agp card,primary 10gb hardisk secondary 80gb,sblive soundcard,tv tuner card (the tuner box is always warm even when I'm not watching tv, is this ok?), psu 420w.

My bios temp is at 43.5 deg cel. What is the max temp that I can push this processor? The voltage that's available, 1.525 default,1.5375,1.55,1.5625,1.575,1.5875,1.6. DDR 2.5v,2.6v,2.7v. Aperature set to 128mb.PCI latency 32.There is a option using video memory cache mode as UC or (USWC only when your card supports this), anyone using this mode?
CAS 3t (available 2.5,2,1.5), Ras to Cas 3t (available 2,4),Ras Precharge (available 2,4), Ras Active Time 7t (available 6,5,9), SDRam Command Lead off time= auto (available 2t,1t)

I tried overclocking, running fine at 3ghz but temp is near 50 on my asus utility that means 60 on bios,
Northbridge a little hot to touch.

All suggestions welcome.
Thanks guys.
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  1. Sorry you won't get anywhere on that motherboard you can't lock AGP/PCI freq at 66/33, harddrives might start crashing even at 34.
  2. damn...
    but is there any way around it by tweaking the adjustments then?
  3. You can still try to overclock, i'm willing to bet your drives are PATA and you got an Nvidia cards, give it a shot, they might be able to take higher freq.
  4. What is the max chipset temp? Mine is a sis 655.And I think without overclocking it's at 40 deg cel. How about cpu max temp, could someone tell me what's it for celeron?
  5. CPU can take a good 60C, chipset, i'd stay under 50C, so if possible get a fan on your chipset.
  6. ignore the temps - my P4 2.6c overclocked hit like 69ºc (encoding video all day, internal temprature)in the middle of summer here in australia - im stuck with stock cooling for the time being.
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