Best 120mm fan?

Is <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> Silverstone fan the best 120mm fan out there? Pushing 110CFM at 39.5dB? I own 2 of these came with the Temjin06 case i got, but now i need 2 more of these for my radiator, anybody know where to buy these?
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    Isnt google great.

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  2. sorry forgot to mention, i tried that none of them ships to canada using the "border-free" process... I don't feel like buying something that costs about 40 dollars (want 4 of these fans) then have to pay 20 dollars customs.
  3. This might be it: <A HREF=" TECH." target="_new"> TECH.</A>

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  4. Nope that's the FM3X.
  5. Well... does the amount of dB matter to you? If not, there are fans which can blow above 200cfm. But would be a bit too much for just case fans.

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  6. Actually dB really matters... I'm looking for the silverstone fan is because of its unique 9fin design pushing the best dB/performance ratio, even better than Papst or Panaflo.
  7. r u sure thats the same fan that comes with case?
    they picture a mini 2 lead wire
    the case fan comes with a molex and mini 1 lead wire

    are you going to bark all day little doggie?
    or are you going to bite?
  8. did you break all your acrylic retaining clips yet?
    i had the case 2 hrs and i broke 2 out of 4 of em
    hopefully they will send replacements.

    are you going to bark all day little doggie?
    or are you going to bite?
  9. Nope I didn't break any of them... Maybe you just got a sort of defective one. Anyways can I buy those fans off of ya? They're same design, just different connection.
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