Tomb Raider Running Smoothly at half speed (amd Radeon)

Just got the new tomb raider and have been playing it for a while but im getting this weird performance issue on one of my computers. my desktop is running the game smoothly (between 40-60 fps) but all the animations and controls are at half speed. so for instance when she runs its like shes running on the moon. the weird thing is it does this regardless of settings (ive tried everything between low to ultra, full screen and windowed) when doing research no one else seems to have this issue and all i can find is discussions on nvidea cards.
desktop specs:
AMD Radeon saphire 7870 oc edition
128gb kingston hyperx ssd
1tb hdd
intel DZ77GAL-70K mobo

when running the game on my laptop (nvidea gt650m) it runs as it should, so i can play it on high setting but maxed out i get low fps. ive tried multiple steps to fix the problem on my desktop including
-clean update to latest driver + roll back to original drive that came with card
-fully updated windows and bios
-launching game from clean boot (no other programs to interfere)
-reverting the stock overclock down to reference card speed

-temps are not a problem as it will happen with a completely cool machine
-the [physical] desktop is completely clean as its a relatively new build (not a spec of dust)

If anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated as i am completely stumped. or even if anyone else is having this issue as well.
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    the game needs patching to work properly with some nvidia and some ati cards.
    use the options to set the game to ultra then turn off tressfx and tessellation for now. the game should then work.
    you may also experience random lock ups. if so ctrl-alt del and stop the game. restart it... there is a serious memory leak on some maps. i know this because you will see a 0x0c5 memory access violation in the event logs after the crash...
  2. Lanczer - I would personally highly recommend you update your AMD drivers to the current beta drivers. I did this for Crysis 3, and saw a pretty nice performance increase. I also have Tomb Raider, and am playing with everything set to Ultra, with Tessellation and TressFX enabled and the game runs perfect. My specs are:

    Intel i5 3750k
    ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
    16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600
    256GB Samsung P30 SSD
    MSI Radeon 7970 OC Edition (running the current beta drivers from AMD's website)

    I have no overclocking done on the CPU or GPU. Oh - Also in Tomb Raider I have V-Sync disabled and I have experienced no screen tearing as a result. I can get you the exact settings I am using as soon as I get home this evening, but I know I set all the graphics/MSAA/AF to max and was honestly stunned with how smooth the game runs and how gorgeous is looks.
  3. i got similar problem.... i tell you how i fix it :)
    unnistall video driver ... then use the windows amd radeon drivers :) easy (maybe you need to download it from optional updates)
    it worked perflectly for me :)
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