Black Ops 2 FPS Lag Spikes?

I am having issues with my gaming rig and Black Ops 2 right now. Specs are 8GB RAM, GTX 660 Superclocked, i5-2500K. I set the FPS to cap at 60 (my monitor is 60hz) and it normally runs smoothly, but sometimes the FPS just drops considerably to 45~50, even 10~30 sometimes. It's frustrating because it seems to have been getting worse (first 2 days that I played it, everything was fine except for rare occasions) and today it dropped to around 11 FPS at one point. I'm sure that my gaming PC has no bottleneck whatsoever, so I'm thinking that it might be an issue with possibly the GPU, although I hope not. Other games seem to run fine (Saints Row the Third, BFBC2, etc.) The loading time is also extremely slow (by the time I can actually start entering an online match it has already started) even though for search preferences, I set the ping to very low. What is the problem here? It is extremely frustrating when I get killed because my screen just lags and a second later, I'm dead. Thanks!
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  1. if it is a i5 or i7 it is already ocing look into a Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 3.7 GHz with Turbo Boost and update your video drivers too they do not update on there own. Even on auto update.
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