Thermalright XP-120 WONT fit GA-K8NS?

Is it even possible?
how can it NOT fit on my mobo? this is like... madness... what the heck is interrupting it? what the heck can I do? I really counted on getting one of these babies, and then I read the mobo compatibility list, and am amazed to find out my mobo seems to be incompatible, WTF.

Does anybody own this combination? what the hell can be done?
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  1. get a zalman =D

    <font color=red>One Lowe</font color=red>
  2. no, never, I dont want to settle for nothing less than the XP-120
  3. I'd recommend the XP-90C, it performs very well, in fact it might even be better than the XP120.
  4. XP-120 has a larger surface, also it has 5 heat-pipes.. which makes it preferable, also, in comparison with the XP90 the XP120 is better. It also gives me the option to buy the magnificent TT Thunderblade (120mm) which is the best 120mm fan ever made (78cfm at 21dba).
    Anyway, read the compatibility page for XP90 at Thermalright's site.. it says exactly the same thing as XP-120's.. that Gigabyte motherboards have a custom back plating to the mobo that no other company uses.
    Anyway, someone told me I need different screws than those that are including in the package, as the holes on the mobo are larger... but he also advised me to use a screw-nut on the otherside of the screw itself.. and I dont fell very comofrtable about it.. it weights naturaly 350grams and add to it the fan... dunno... it might release, and hell if it wont kill my CPU.
    what do i do :(
  5. Removing the backplate is very easy, look at your mobo, and i'm sure you'll figure it out.

    Note that I said the XP90C with C in the end that stands for full copper, XP90 is worse than the XP120 but not the full copper version.
  6. I know the XP-90 fits is because I've built a comp for my friend a while ago using that heatsink on the original GA-K8N, and K8NS is almost identical to the K8N.
  7. the copper version has it's own problems, and it's too heavy.
    thing is.. I'm afraid to remove the back plate, what would happen to my mobo if I do it?
  8. LOL ARE YOU SEROIUS it's not that heavy, Athlon64 socket handles it no problem! why the hell do you think they made it if it'll break the socket off?! The backplate removal is very EASY! Nothing will happen to your motherboard as long as you aren't clumsy or retarded, I think it's 2 screws u gotta take off on your mobo but I could be wrong. Read your manual it has step by step instructions on how to remove your backplate.
  9. thing is, is the person who told me that removing the backplate is right? would it solve the incompability of the XP120, and also, Copper has lame heat dissipation, though it does recieve heat very well.. while the aluminium recieves worse and dissipates better... that's why they put the heat-pipes from the bottom to the top...

    anyway, would it solve my problem?
    I intend to send Gigabyte and thermalright both an e-mail to ask whether it would...

    does anybody know?

    thanks, guys :)
  10. It's true copper doesn't get rid of the heat as easy as aluminum, but it conducts better AND it can hold more heat, ever wander why all waterblocks are made of copper? and not andiozed aluminum? Copper is always superior when it comes to heatsinks, if you have something against copper then i think you might just have to settle with either a new board or just simply a XP90, The XP120 seems to be incompatible period on that board, i'm not sure what's causing it could be capacitor placement, bending caps may help, but I'm not 100% sure. I highly doubt if Gigabyte will reply to your email.
  11. Well, it seems that ermoving the Gigabyte plate and replacing it with a regular one solves the problem.
    One of thermalright's whoever's posted a thread in some forum with a stop-by-steop manual how to remove the backplate, put a standart A64 backplate, and how to place the XP120 on it.

    I didnt manage to find that post untill somebody gave it to me. Also, it specifies so in the compatibility page, if you just bothered to read it to the end of it.

    Anyway, thanks for the help, we're back on track. I'll try to post something when I finaly manage to install it.
  12. Some pics if possible:D
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