Will Windows 7 64 bit recognize external drive with data written by Windows XP 3

I am typing this with my old Windows XP (SP3) 32 bit OS machine. There is a Fedex delivery scheduled for tomorrow of my new HPE 490t with Windows 7 64 bit OS. My question is:

Will the data (photographs in raw, tiff, and jpg) written to my external hard drives by my present 32 bit XP machine be readable by my new Windows 7 - 64 bit OS computer when I get it tomorrow?
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    No problems at all except you may need a program to read the .raw files The one you are already using or there is plenty of free software on the internet. I use irfanview myself. excellent for all sorts of image editing ect.
  2. mibix19,
    Thanks very much for the quick reply. Makes me feel a bit better. I'll be installing Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2.6 so the raw files will open with them.
    Mike S.
  3. Good programmes. Hope you've plenty of memory to run them. I wish I had on mine. Enjoy.
  4. Actually I ordered it with 12GB of RAM. It seems to be just fine - Photoshop is using 6.58 GB (60%) of the available 10.966 GB of RAM. Once Photoshop is open (that takes about 15 seconds) and I close it and then re-open it, it takes less than 1.5 seconds to open. To me that's fast.

    BTW, the two exterior HD's are recognized - as you said they would be - without any isssues.

    It takes about a minute from pressing the power button on the computer to be fully open. I know an SSD with the OS in it would speed that up but I honestly don't care about the intialization of Windows - one minute is fast enough for me. What I DO care about, and what I've found remarkable, is that Photomerge (the pano program within Photoshop) now does its work in less than two minutes! Sometimes less than 90 seconds! That's blazing speed to me. I'm a happy camper.

    Again, thanks to you mibix19 for you quick response.

    Mike S.
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