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Iv done a recent system upgrade on my main computer and now i have spare parts and im creating a new 2nd computer and im looking at getting a Celeron D (2.4, 2.6 or the 2.8) for it. Heres the current specs (its missing the CPU of course - yet to buy it):

ASUS P4P800-s (i848pe)
512mb Kingmax TBGA DDR400
Nvidia GeForce FX5600
Onboard Sound + NIC
WD 40gb 7200rpm (2mb)
Generic 400w P4 PSU

The thing im wondering is firstly would the board support the Celeron D's because it supports Prescotts - theres no diffrence that would stop me using a Prescott Celeron? Secondly How far do you think i could Push a celeron D with the stock air cooling without triggering the throttle? Like how hot are these prescott celerons? And witch one (2.4, 2.6 or 2.8) would be the best one to buy if i want to overclock? I want to archieve mid 3ghz speeds if posible. And lastly, with the stock cooling - is the stock thermal pad good or should i remove it and replace it with something like arctic silver v?

Oh and another thing - my current cpu in my main is a 2.6c @ 2.8 (only minor oc cause of ram etc) - would that prescott at 3+ ghz out strip my P4 or would my P4 still have more power?
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  1. LOL your P4 2.8Ghz would rape even a 1mb P4 prescott at 3.0Ghz, well equivalent more likely, but you get my point, a Celeron at 4Ghz maybe will match your 2.8C.
  2. The Prescott Celerons are incredibly overclockable, get the lowest possible one, and you should hit 3.2 with stock no problem, a slightly better air heatsink will get you to 3.6 and beyond.
  3. So the Celeron 2.4d at 3.2 (becaue of the higher FSB and multiplier) would be a smarter move then a Celeron 2.8d? And how hot are the celeron D's? like alot hotter then my current C series P4? Or a little bit more? And is the stock cooling any good (copper core?)? How hot would it get at say 3.2 compared with stock speeds?
  4. go to microcenter for a 2.8 celeron d for 55$
  5. So why do you recomend the 2.8? does it have better overclocking properties?
  6. Well obviously higher multiplier, and maybe slightly higher quality chip. But since it's for a crapleron, i'd recommend you to just go with the cheapest one.
  7. Its a oem without HS but its 478 pin with 2.8 speed and it costs 20$ less than the 2.4. With the D0 stepping all prescotts are based on the starting speed wont bother you much as the ending speed is usually the same. Get a decent heatsink to use on this. Also the Celeron D's I have worked with show a linear increase in cpu benchmark as the speed increases i.e.(pcmark04 or prime95) a 50 percent increase in speed gave me a 51 percent increase in cpu benchmarks. But to let you know any celeron d you get is only three fourths as powerful as its base speed suggests so a 3.6 will yield the benchmarks of a 2.8 P4 on the other hand its a budget overclocker and if you fry it you can replace it cheaply. I use them because I love to overclock and see how I can push them.
  8. Temp wise my celeron d at 3.6 running benchmarks never goes over 140F and idles at 102F
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