Ok OC Guru's need some help.

I wanna bump my machine a bit now that its all assembled.

FX-55 (Stock cooling XP-120 giving me problems)
2 x 512 PC4000 OCZ Gold VX
OCZ ModStream 520W
2 x Raptor 74gb (Stripping Raid)
BFG 6800 Ultra PCI-E

I wanna OC my ram and cpu and maybe my video a bit. All the bios settings seem like japanese to me lol.
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  1. Umm... It's all the same thing, just find the HT frequency, which should be at 200 by default, just crank that up. And lower the LDT multiplier from 5x to 4x. Get the Vdimm up to 3.5-3.6V

    Video card is overclocked in windows, download coolbit utility to overclock video card.

    What coolings you got?
  2. Ive got 6 case fans, stock FX-55 cooler and stock BFG Cooler I have an XP-120 but it was really tight and difficult to put in because it uses hooks why cant they design the installation like the new tension arm stock coolers have?

    Ok my ram voltage only goes up to 3.2 and which LDT? What the name of setting for the LDT? Most of my stuff is on auto right now...

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  3. Flash your bios to latest version first, your DFI board's voltage on the ram should go up to 4.0V, I'd recommend you get better cooling for both CPU and Vid card before overclocking. Looking at your system, money doesn't seem like a problem, so I recommend you getting watercooling for the video card and harddrives and Prometeia Mach2 for the CPU.

    LDT multiplier, that's the hypertransport multiplier, auto is 5x, lower it 4x manually. I'm sorry I don't have a DFI board handy right now, but they should all be similar, if i remember correctly on that board, the bios should have a genie bios option? Go into that, the FSB bus speed is your what we used to call external CPU frequency, you use that number times your CPU multiplier gives your final CPU frequency, right now it should be at 200, and your multiplier is at 12. I don't recommend voltage increase right now on your CPU, since I really don't trust a stockcooler on a highly volt tuned FX55.
  4. Should I try and drop the XP-120 back on with my 78 CFM 120mm fan? I just wont be able to get to a stick of ram without removing the heatsink =/

    I have the newest bios installed and it still says 3.2.
  5. I'd recommend you installing that XP120 back on, the vdimm requires a jumper change on the motherboard. What fan is that you have? Can you provide a link if possible? Can you also give a link for your case? And for your video card, if you don't feel like going extreme cooling, pick up a NVsilencer 5 for your video card.
  6. http://xoxide.com/thunderblade4.html thats the fan on the XP-120 but i currently have the fan suspended over the ram/cpu blowing on them.

    I dont see a jumper for that on my motherboard layout I see USB Power JP / Safe Boot JP / Clear CMOS JP / Speaker JP

    The case is XGBOX.com Quantum (In silver to reflect heat and light)
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  7. Ok got it, and what's the temperatures at? For the CPU and Video card forgot to ask those.
  8. Ignore the ram voltage for now, 3.2V is more than enough.
  9. Everest BIOS
    CPU 50c 52c
    Sys 43c 45c
    Aux 45c 47c

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  10. Xp-120 Reinstalled (PAIN IN THE ASS)
    Sliced my finger open 3 times lmao damn aluminum. It droped cpu temp by about 5c need to put a window unit on the side of my case lol.
  11. Goddamn, that sucks, hope you didn't get bloodstain all over your motherboard...

    Anyways the temperature still seems a little high, I would be heisitating before overclocking, what is your load temperature, i mean temperature running Prime95. If it's under 55C, you'll have a little overclocking room, if it's over 55C, then i wouldn't recommend overclocking at all, until you can cool down that chip.
  12. With the XP-120 its around 53 or 54
    My chipset is hitting 57 58 because of my video card covering some of it and the blower blows the hot air over it.
  13. If 53-54 is your load temp, then you can overclock, but DO NOT change the Vcore, then you'll overheat too quickly, try lowering multiplier to 10x, and try increasing FSB to 260mhz, which will give you 2600mhz, but your ram will be running at 260mhz, which will give significant bandwidth increase. Have ram running at timings of 3-4-4-8, we'll tighten that later once you can crank Vdimm up to the 3.5-3.6 that's rated for your ram.
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