Should i buy Battlefield 3 or wait till Battlefield 4 release?

i know its very late to buy battlefield 3 but i wanted to wait till all DLC's release

( the problem is a lot of people bought the game and found out that the codes to activate the game is invalid )

i am worried that if i buy this game maybe i won't have any luck and find out that the code is invalid )

i really want to play this game but like this i am not sure
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  1. if your gonna buy premium then you will get more maps for your money.
    bf4 will likely be very little in the way of different as it will probably be using frostbite 2 engine as bf3 only shows it off at about 30% of the whole. bf4 will likely add another 25% as far as visual quality and optimization goes but nothing as far as game mechanics. yes it will have new vehicles and weapons but the game itself is likely not to change much.
    its still 8 months away from launch so theres plenty of time to get the best out of bf3 so i would say if you can live with origin then buy bf3.
    remember some things you will need.
    use a supported browser. ie9/10 and chrome seem to give the least as far as overhead and compatibility go.
    browser add ons, there are 2 of them that need to be kept up to date.
    bf3 configurator. it will help you optimize your gaming experience. (best feature it can limit your max fps to 60, which reduces fps bounce and droop).
  2. Just get the Premium Edition so you get the expansions included.
  3. Either buy the whole BF3 Premiun Edition, or wait. Does anybody know how much it costs?
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    They had BF3 Premium for $25 this weekend. Check Amazon and check Origin. I've seen it this low. This will get you good and trained for BF4 when it comes out.
  5. Get it. There are many many hours of enjoyment before BF4 is released.
  6. If you want Metro chaos, come spend some time on the V.I. Meatgrinder (24/7 Metro) server. Good place for fast weapon upgrade unlocks.
  7. not only do i own the game on 360 (no DLC tho i did buy the launch edition w/ karkland) i just paid another $60 literally last night for the premium edition. i like it that much. bf4 is a ways out, the last dlc pack isn't even out yet (it will be tmmw), and i don't feel bad about missing the sale that apparently ran this weekend.
  8. My last question is can i run battlefield 3 on high or ultra with good fps ( my GPU is 7770 hd)
    (My screen resolution 1366x768)
    My CPU can handle it
  9. i would think you can run on high, not sure about ultra especially online MP is more demanding
  10. The other question is what is your CPU? If it's a dual core you may have some pretty severe choppiness on the 64-player maps.
  11. Yeah, unless it's a quad I don't think you can run it on ultra
  12. 7770 will run bf3 at 1366/768 medium to high settings, not high if you want a minimum of 30 fps on larger maps like guf of oman . you will also need a quad core at 2.6 or better. anything less and the game will crumple on anything over 16 players on the map.
    so list your full specs...
  13. Remember that BF3 is a VERY CPU-demanding game
  14. bf3 premium
  15. My processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz 3.30GHz
  16. thats planty of cpu power. so enjoy the game...
  17. Ok thanks
  18. How can i play online in bf3?
    how to make account and start playing online ?
  19. mo7amed3211 said:
    How can i play online in bf3?
    how to make account and start playing online ?

    Sign up through Whether you play multi-player or single-player, it's one of those games where you have to be logged in to origin in order to play.
  20. When you install it, it will also install the Origin client and you will have to make an Origin account at that point. It loads some browser add-ins and you find and join servers from inside your browser.
  21. Just buy it. You'll like it. It's good.
  22. The new End Game maps are incredible!!! Air Superiority and Capture the Flag modes are a blast!
  23. i am going to buy it ( but i am afraid that someone putted any code by luck and find out that the online pass code is invalid ) a lot of people had same issue and EA didn't do anything ( maybe if i found out the code is invalid i will put any code till i get into the multiplayer )
    i just wish to be lucky and find out that the code is valid
  24. thats a myth mate, the people finding they have an invalid key often buy it from an unreputable online retailer or buy it from a superstor where the game has been opend and removed from the box. then people that work in the store then have access to the product manual which has the number stamped in it. they then use it and an unwary buyer ends up getting a game they cant register.

    you can however get in touch with e.a's online irc and they will sort it out inside 10 mins. i found them very helpful when my copy of battlefield 2 didnt register and got already used message. even though the box was sealed.

    if you buy direct from origin you wont have any issue. i guarantee it.
  25. You can buy license keys and download from amazon as well. Usually, if I buy a license key from Amazon, I just bring the license key over to Origin and plug it in there. This way, I download the most up to date version direct from Origin and no update is required.

    Watch for sales if you can wait though. The premium edition was marked down to $25.99 on either Origin or Amazon a couple of weekends ago. That gets you all the maps and game modes. Even the original version will give you enough multi-player maps to get you ready for BF4, but if you can do it, I'd highly suggest getting the premium edition. It gives you a better picture of everything that is this great game. There are around 30 different multi-player maps all with different features and layouts.
  26. First of all i am 15 so i can't buy anything from origin or amazon because obviously i don't have credit card .
    anyway i will buy from a trusted store (Play N Trade)
    ( i am not from USA or Europe and this store just opened in my country )
    they said that they don't have bf3 on pc but i can order it . it will take like 15 days till i get it and they said their games are original .
  27. Can't get your parents to help out (give them the cash and they make the purchase?)?

    Not sure if you can buy from this site, but it's now $30 USD for the premium edition:

    So, you're really worried about this non-authentic copy thing? Are there many stores in your country selling bootleg software?
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