Any other device out there like a Magic Jack for making phone calls?

Hey all,
I was planning on getting a Magic Jack for use as my home phone which will probebly heardly get used... after reading some info on the Magic Jack it seems that it's a joke and people are getting screwed out of their money left and right.

So, is there another type of device that really works and is cheap? Or some other type of service like this?

Thanks all for the help!
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  1. Magic Jack which i have, is essentially voice over i.p.. Here's a site with a list or here's some hardware from fry's Good luck.
  2. Thanks for the reply... i did get the magic jack, and it does work (without a VOIP phone because your just suppose to use a standard telephone) but the volume is super low. I can barley hear people on the other end while they can hear me just fine.

    I tried contacting their customer support but they just tell you to turn the handset volume up, and if that dosent work, turn the volume on your PC up.... ah yeah, everything is at 100% and it's still so low that i can only make out 1/3 of what the people say.

  3. What OS are you using? In Windows 7, there's a boost in its Sound settings or use the equalizer of your sound card application. I don't use Magic Jack but another VoIP service from Onesuite and I do those when I need to boost the sound when using my computer to make a call, but rarely as my Logitech headset is loud enough.

    If everything fails try to replace your handset. Maybe borrow one from a friend or neighbor just to check if its handset, if volume still low then its the Magic Jack device itself.
  4. If you go into control panel and click on sound you will see handset. Open handset properties and you can adjust handset volume.
  5. now i did this before... and the handset was not there, just the full system volume and that was it!
    NOW it's there and i turned up the volume and BOOM, it works perfect.
    Not sure why it poped up now.
    Thanks for the help!
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