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Question to all:

First off I'm pretty new at overclocking, the most experience i have is with a celeron 300A (to 450) a few years back. I have some pretty basic questions that I"m sure have been answered already but I need plan answers. I'm trying to overclock my 2100+ just for practice. It's the palomino core (.18 micron process not the .13) so I think the vCore voltage should be around 1.75 which i set down to 1.65 but registers as 1.8 on pcProbe. I upped the FSB from 266 by 8 so it's now 282 (141)mhz. I'm using three sticks of pc2700 ( two 512s and one 256) and an ASUS A7v880 (kt880 chipset) mb. Oh and arctic silver 5 and a tl volcano 7 for cooling. So here's my stupid questions:

1. What is too much voltage.. am I using to low?
2. Does the ram speed directly depend on the fsb speed in both the XP and 64 cpu's? Also what is the highest limit for pc2700 memory?
3. should i be paying close attention to increasing voltage to the memory as i continue to overclock the cpu more and more? and what are sutible ram timings for overclocking.

Once again i know these are really stupid and basic questions but if anyone can answer them for me let me know.
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  1. 1. 1.95 is fine as long as temps are under control

    2. yes and highest limit of pc2700 ram is 333(166mhz) but you can overclock it too by bumping up vdimm to about 2.7V

    3. timings at about 2.5-3-3-7 sounds very reasonable.
  2. Thanks scottchen. But heres another question for ya. Normally my pc2700 memory was running with a frequency of 166mhz, which is what fsb+33mhz? That was with normal settings obviously to the FSB. so now that i've increased the fsb to 141, the frequency for the memory is 174.3mhz. I understand where the number came from but this does mean i'm ocing my memory as i'm ocing my cpu. I have the voltage set for auto on the ram so I"m just assuming the bios is compensating and putting in the correct values. once again as far as the vcore for the processor goes, as long as it's stable and temps are cool then there shouldn't be a problem right? i haven't experienced any problems yet with the 1.65v setting and my temp for idle is about 36 C/96 F. And what would be too high a voltage for the ram?
  3. You should be able to adjust the ratio to 1:1 FSB:MEM
  4. thanks man, one last question about memory..i never really looked into the technical aspects of ram when building systems so heres pretty much what I was doing, with this system at least. I was using the cpu 2100+ at its stock settings, ie. 13x 133(266) but set the ram spd to 333, figuring it's pc2700. so that's why it said fsb+33 under cpuz instead of 1:1. I set the spd down to 266 in bios and it now has a ratio of 1:1. So my question is, when I had it set to 333mhz for the ram spd, and it said fsb+33 in cpuz, one where did it get the other 33mhz from? did the ram automatically adjust it's multiplyer to reach 333mhz? and if so was that fsb+33 just there for the sake of explanation or comparison? and two, does this mean that my mb allows the ram to run asyncrious to the fsb? Thanks again man.
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