not stable but prime95 stable :(

Hello, my computer was stable for 19 hours and 30 minutes without a single problem, so i decided to shut Prime95 since it seem stable then i went to play cod to try if everything works, then it works for 3-5 minutes and then some stupid lines appeared and the screen went black and then those lines appeared again.. so i decided to shut down the comp, what can the problem be? my pci-e slot is running on 100... i haven't overclocked the graphic card.
and i havent overheated anything
Motherboard: MSI K8N DIAMOND SLI (S939), Cpu: Amd Athlon 64 3000+, RAM: 512mb PC3200 Twinmos Speed Premium (BH-5)
HDD: 80gb hdd rpm 7400.
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  1. ...and this doesn't happen @ stock speeds?

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  2. nope, it works perfectly fine when at stock speed :(. What shall i do?
  3. Do you have a 6600gt or 6600 card?
  4. Boost AGP voltage to 1.65v
  5. i got a sapphire Radeon X300, Hyper R 480W, i forgot to add that information on the first post, and i can't change agp voltage since i got a pci-e motherboard. I haven't even overclocked the graphic card, please.. fellow overclockers. what can i do ? :)
  6. Reseat the video card, and make sure the PCB isn't bent even slightly, and make sure the heatsink is making contact with the core.
  7. but... why would it make this sort of troubles when i haven't even overclocked it ?? :S. and how do i reset it? i have reseted my cmos, still there :(
  8. Why wouldn't it happen if heatsink isn't making contact with core? many first edition of the 6600's has that problem, reaching 120-140C just sitting in idle at stock everything. We're not talking anything about overclocking here, just overheating. Who said reset? I said reseat, pull it out a nd plug the card back in.
  9. then.. what the hell does that got to do with me? i haven't overclocked the card and when i haven't overclocked the computer at all, everything works perfectly.. and i don't even got a 6600, i got a freakin´ X300 which isnt overclocked and it runs perfectly when the cpu isnt overclocked! :S
  10. Maybe when you overclock your system you are also overclocking the PCI-e bus, this could be the cause of the problem. Do you have the PCI-e bus locked?
  11. prime95 does not test about your graphic system. It must be something wrong on your graphic system, maybe you OC graphic adapter?

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  12. No [-peep-] sherlock
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