Why Should I OC my comp?

I intend to buy an Athlon Xp3000+(939) with msi K8N Neo4 Platinum MB, 512mb smasung memory stik + Pine xfx 6600gt.

The cost of the OC accessory(better memory stick, better coolers, better power supply i probably forgot some), is much more then the next processor 3200+, mybe even more then 3500+.

So why should i OC?
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  1. LOL... this has been debated over so many times, if you don't want to then don't. The stuff we usually buy, includes extreme cooling, a good case, fans, decent power supplies, ram is not 100% necessary, in fact I only got generic Samsung, used memory divider and still pushing enough bandwidth(over 5000mb). The stuff we buy can be used over and over, I bought a freon cooling system for CPU, and I got watercooling system for video card, these things never needs to be changed, a simple socket adaptor will make it work with your next system.

    It's true when i bought my cooling setups, it costed me about 600CDN in total, but i've used them in 4 systems now, and my power supply has been through 6 systems. My power supply is about to die soon, well it is 3 years old, so i'll get a new one of that, but the cooling systems will be around for a long time, the freon cooling has 10 year warranty, what's going to break in the watercooling system? the pump? well time to head to wal mart for another 29.99 pump.

    I'm only going to argue for watercooling in this case, because it's pretty much a 1 time investement, you keep using it for your later setups. You said better rams? that's not necessary, memory divider works well, better power supply is recommended even if you don't overclock, how do you like some generic power killed everything that's attached to it, including CDrom, floppy and harddrives. Spend some extra cash on a Fortron made power supply(Fortron makes power supplies for Enermax/Sparkle, and obviously Fortron)
  2. Quote:
    Fortron makes power supplies for Enermax/Sparkle, and obviously Fortron

    ...and zalman.
  3. Overclocking is not always about getting the best equipment, I would always recommend having a good power supply, RAM and heatsink even on a non-overclocked system.
    A lot of people manage to get great overclocks on just stock cooling (you have to remember that its likly your 3000+ is physically identical to the 3200+ just with a different multiplier).

    I think people that want the best RAM, power supply, cooling etc. do it for the same reason people soup up their cars, because its challenging and fun.
  4. both the prommie AND the water costed you 600 CND????


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  5. I got the MACH 2 ST from a sale on ebay from kit-tronics, kit-tronics.com is a store in canada, you can buy the prometeia mach 2 ST from them for 500 something CDN.
  6. wow, those are insane prices, 510 for a refrub mach II
    too bad i live in the states, any recommendation for me then?? i much rather get something prebuilt like that and straight phase. instead of a homemade(self made =D) water/phase hybrid.
    and whats the cost to ship to united states? i heard it was outragous

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  7. Don't get refurbed, get the ST, i won the bid at just under 400CDN. just add to cart and checkout it should give you a shipping price.
  8. whats the difference between the two? it says LCD display and some USB thing?

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  9. You could probably OC that chip to well beyond 3200+ levels, so you can't just compare the extra spend on cooling with the price difference between the 3000+ and 3200+..

    For example, I have a winchester 3200+, which is running at 2.5Ghz, which puts it somewhere above 3800+ levels.

    The price difference between <i>those</i> two chips is about £120 where I buy stuff from, and I sure as hell didn't spend that much on improved cooling. (in fact I achieved faster with the stock cooler supplied with the 3200+, but wanted something quieter & splurged out something like £25 on an XP-120)

    Besides, no-one really <i>needs</i> the additional power provided by overclocking, Just like car freaks don't <i>need</i> the additional power from tuning and modifying their engines. It's just a way of whiling away rainy Sunday afternoons... :smile:

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  10. overclocking is challenging fun and time consuming ( the last one can either bbe a positive thing or a negative thing) plus u can start refering to ure computer as ure baby

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  11. Quote:
    So why should i OC?

    It tends to make guys more virile! I know I enjoy sex much more now that I overclock!

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  12. If your asking the question then its probably not worth it for you.

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  13. Ehh.. who cares about this little douchebag, he probably wanted to start a flamewar, but we're too peaceful.
  14. Hows it going Scott? Have you set a wedding date yet?

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  15. OC to save on your heating bills, gheez!

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  16. No... decided to see how our universities goes first. But good thing our schools are only 200km apart.
  17. Im hurt, i really did wanted to know, then i run out of money so i didn't upgrade my comp. I'm buying a new one now, hopefully...
    I still dont know what to buy, its where is the time when i only needed worrying about XA or AT???
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