Zalman 7000 just stopping!

I am in the process of putting together a new PC. I have a Zalman 7000 AlCu HSF w/ the Blue LED installed on DFI NF4 Ultra-D mobo and an AMD64 3700+ San Diego CPU. Due to some hard drive difficulties I haven't gotten the system to boot into Windows yet, but it can boot to programs executable from the floppy.

I have the Zalman connected to the Fan controller that comes included with the package. I have noticed at times the LED goes out, and sometimes the fan just STOPS without me turning the knob on the fan controller. I disconnected the fan controller and these problem seems to have disappeared. Is this normal operation for Zalman, or do I have a faulty Fan Mate 2 controller?

I checked the BIOS and the CPU temp is not getting low enough to trigger the BIOS option that stops the fan.
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  1. just don't use the controller, it's obviously to blame. You could try disabling cool&quite, that might help.
  2. Cool & Quiet was always disabled. From my inspection of the BIOS screen and options, it seems like all C&Q does is lower the CPU multiplier when the system does not require a higher level of processing power.

    Does the Fan Mate just reduce the voltage going to the fan? That would explain why the LED would go out at low fan speeds.

    One more question: Without the Fan Mate attached, does the fan run at its highest speed?
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