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How do I Share an entire Hard Drive with Everyone on Windows 7?

Okay, I have two separate RAID 1 drives setup to share data between 7 other computers. (The OS is on a separate drive.)

I also have all the data on the drive I want to share (F drive).

I need to know exactly how step by step to allow everyone rights to access the files on the entire drive. I have went to Advanced Sharing and gave Everyone and Guests full control, but nothing changes. I know when it is done correctly, Windows will write permissions to every folder. So, I am missing something.

If you haven't actually done this, please don't send me links or give me theoretical ideas. But if you know what you're doing I will greatly appreciate any assistance. Thank you.
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  1. As well as setting permissions on the share you need to set the security on the disk itself. Go to the "Security" tab of "Properties" for the disk and it should be fairly self-explanatory
  2. You can as said above add "everyone" the the security tab(security->Advanced->Add, you may also need to tell it to replace permissions on all child objects since some folders may not inherit permissions).

    I would recommend you instead make a user account(or even a set of accounts so each machine only gets it designated folder access) on all the systems that matches then at least only your systems with a matching login/pass can access and modify files on the drive.

    You should just ad read/write/modify ect. Full control should not be needed even to allow all users to read and write the drive.
  3. You are a genius, but who do I give the best answer to? Hmmmm?

    I agree it would be much better to have user rights established. How would I go about that? I've never done this before.
  4. When I try to add a user to grant them permission, it says it cannot be found. Do I have to create a User account for any other PC as if they are a user on that computer? How do I do this? Thanks again.
  5. create Windows account.

    Usually, I'd grant everyone permission and on network/sharing center, turn off password file protection. That's it.
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    If you do not want to go the account route, you can just add "Everyone" to the security and network options. As Alikum said, you will beed to turn off passord file sharing from within network and sharing center.

    First click start and in start search type "network and sharing".

    You should then see Network and Sharing Center.

    On the left side there is an option called "change advanced sharing settings", Click that.

    scroll down until you see "Turn off password protected sharing". Select that radio button

    With that done you are ready to set your sharing preferences and security settings.

    With basic file sharing on, that may be all you need to get it to work. If you use advanced, add Everyone to the security tab under folder properties. I recommend making a folder instead of sharing the drive it self.

    If you need to set the security options(you will know this if you can not access or write to the network drive.)

    Right click the folder you wish to share and select properties. select the security tab(this sets the NTFS[file system] security) then follow the image.

    1. Click Advanced

    2. Click Add. This is how you will add Everyone

    3. Type Everyone(or even ever and hit check names it will fill the rest in for you)

    4. Hit Ok

    5. With Everyone selected add a checkmark(under Allow) to Modify and Write. There others should have already had checkmarks.

    Since you already said you know your way around the actual share settings, i will leave it at this.

    Post back if you get stuck.
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  8. Everything worked once I set up the security options. I'd still love to know how to individualize security for each user who accesses the drive. If you have any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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