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Can anyone tell me what is the optimum temperature for proper operation of the CPU (Intel P4 2.8 - 512K -800MHZ FSB Socket 478).

I ran Intel's control center utility and it reported the CPU at 53C when running its system reliability tests. What's puzzling is that I have seen the temperature a lot higher when using the monitoring feature in BIOS. I've seen it as high as 62-65 degrees.

Currently using a CoolerMaster Praetor Case with the following:

(2) Front Fans
(1) Rear Fan
(1) Power Supply Fan
(1) Zalman CPU HSF (CNPS7000 AlCu) Max Fan Speed.

I would use the fan that is bolted on the upper panel, however it causes too much vibration and I don't feel much air flow with it activated or deactivated.

Should I be woried? Which readings should I consider accurate? The readings from Intel's Control Center utility or the readins straight from the BIOS? The motherboard is an Intel 875PBZ.

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  1. Myself I use the bios as the core temps for the cpu and a digital display like an aerogate display for surfice temps. I know my utility for mointoring is reading the temps from the bios.
  2. The temps does seem a little high for a northwood, remove the heatsink, clean up the thermal grease, then reapply a thin layer of arctic ceramique on the CPU and reinstall the heatsink.
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