Zalman Reserator 1 for ATI X800 XT Plat Pro?

I currently have my CPU cooled by a water cooled Koolance setup (combined case unit). I'm looking to cool down my motherboards chipset and my ATI X800 XT Plat Pro AGP video card.

I don't want to overload my PSU and was looking for a low power consumption 2nd external water cooler - quiet. The Zalman Reserator 1 seems to fit just right.

1. Will it be enough to cool my MB chipset and Video card?
2. Is there a way to control ATI's "Overdrive" settings in their drivers?

Thanks, Rob.
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  1. 1. It'll cool the vid card and chipset no problem but don't expect any miracle drop in temperature. So I recommend you going with a cheaper custom build, with a heatercore and a silent 120mm fan, and better waterblock for the GPU(I recommend the Dangerden Maze 4 GPU or the Swiftech MCW50, the Maze4 performs a little better but requires a slightly stronger pump), because the Reserator waterblock for video card is really bad.
  2. The GPU unit I planned to use with the Zalman Reserator is a Koolance's VID-AT1-V06. Other than liquid gas coolers, I don't know of any water cooling systems that bring the temp below ambient?? So I guess, I don't understand what you mean by "miracle drop in temperature"?

    Thanks, Rob.
  3. temp drop from the stockcooling on the x800xt. The reserator isn't the greatest thing in the world, so i recommend something smaller that fits in your case with a silent 120mm fan, and it'll perform much better.
  4. doubt it...
    the reserator is actually a reallly good performer
    the reviews show the temps after it reasches its highest temps
    they just dont state taht it takes like 6 hours to reach its high temps
    It'll do well
    only problem is that its external
    I have it runniong a 3.2e @ 4.0ghz with 38-42 degree idle and like 44-46 load

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  5. Yeah whatever... A cheap chevette heatercore with a silent panaflo fan will beat the reserator easily anyday.
  6. I'm not saying it wont....
    but the reserator will be quieter :-p

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