Win XP? Maybe Not!

Doesn't look like XP in going in the right direction for the average home user/gamer. XP is based on the NT platform so it looks like Win 98SE is still the windows of choice. No offense to you (Me) preferred users, but I think I'm casting my vote for SE. Read this very interesting article, then you decide.,11011,2710688,00.html

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  1. It depends on what you are doing with your computer. I have 3 OS's on my system. Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Linux. I do what I can in Linux, do everything else in Windows 2000 and then play my games in ME.

    XP is hype! Microsoft claims XP will be the best OS ever. But people define the best in so many different ways. If all you are doing is e-mail and browsing the web...get 98/ME. If you are doing gaming and video editing and stuff...get ME. For productivity get Windows 2000 and if you want networking and superior reliability...Linux.

    XP is supposed to be based on the Windows NT Kernel combined with the compatibility of ME (which means it won't be much different than 2000). The Windows 9x/ME and Dos kernel are being scrapped by Microsoft. XP is not geared towards gaming; it is geared towards media and multimedia. If you want a gaming OS...ME or 98se is your best bet as of today.

    As of right now, I don't plan on upgrading. I just don't need an OS like XP. And in my opimion it is not some major must-have upgrade. I can do everything I ever wanted to do with my computer right now. This is not a must have upgrade that Microsoft is claiming. If you have 2000 and ME dual basically already have XP. Because that is all it is.
  2. Not to mention their new method of anti-piracy. I'm usually upgrade just for the hell of it. But I'll be damned If I'm going to call in to recieve a new # every time I need to reinstall the OS.

    Actually this is false information. You dont have to call in. But you do have 30 days to register you PID #. The method they are using for anti-piracy are not actually that bad. They are mainly after corporations who are buying one copy and spreading it through the entire office. Also those that like to post a PID # on warez sights and such. If it works as they say it will I dont have any objections to thier future policy.

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  3. What I want most of all (besides compatability and reliability) is an OS that can handle memory unlike 98/Me. 2K is much better and if XP can pull it off my hats are off .. . I have tried it and it is not up to snuff yet. Now lets wait 'til it's release and probally a service pack or 2 later . . . . .

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  4. I checked out the beta and it didn't do anything for me.
    I'll pass on XP.

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  5. Beta's always suck, I was able to get a beta of Win2k and I thought it was the most horrible piece of S#!t out there. But now I swear by it.

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  6. I think the anti piracy stuff leaves a bad tase in everyone's mounth and they end up thinking the same way through the whole OS.

    The part about activation isn't what's bothering me. It is that if I change my hardware configuration; I need to call Microsoft and explain to someone why and they have the right to not give me a code. Which means I would have to go out and buy another license. I'm not going to do that.
  7. No there will be no calling Microshaft for a new code. Upon installation you will have 30 days to register your PID. You can do this through your modem. Right now the process is(as I understand it) you install the OS on your system.

    You get 30 days to complete the registration process.
    The software takes a ...

    Never mind check this out, Dhluke has Office XP which is actually using a different method than the OS but it is interesting.

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    If you take a truth and follow it blindly, it will become a Falsehood and you a Fanatic.
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