Overclock on P4 burned my system, please help me!

Hi all,

I own a P4P800-D, running P4 2.8 800FSB, ATI 9800PRO, GEIL 1024 Dual Channel and 2 Sata HDs.

Since I am upgrading my system, I decided to try the BIOS overclock supplied in the Asus Motherboard. I set it to 20%, clock raised to 3.36ghz.

Everything was working wonders, but I left the house today at 15:00 and when I arrived at 21:00 the computer was off, oddly.

I tried to turn it on, but it wouldn't, at all.

I think the overclock burnt my system, but I can't check because I can't even turn it on.

I will send it to the technician tomorrow, but I'm anxious, and I would like to know what equipment I have possibly lost. Probably the MOBO and the CPU, but is my memory, HDs and VGA safe?

Please, enlighten me!

Also, is it a normal thing to happen?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. There are really a lot of possibilities, i'll list them

    note:ranked from most likely to least likely

    Power Supply
    The last and worst case scenario, when the power supply died, it killed everything connected to it.
  2. I would've said power supply first...

    Unless that '20% overclock' option overvolts too, I'd be very suprised if it fried any components - If the PSU died then it could have taken other things with it though.

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  3. I think Wusy's PC is fine!

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