Fittin Black Ice Pro III

I'm about to install a water cooling system. I have a question though: how do I install the Black Ice Pro III radiator in Coolermaster Stacker case? It's so huge.

On a side question: is it CRITICAL that the RAM modules on video card are cooled? I'm asking 'cause since I'm getting a universal VGA waterblock (Thermaltake Aquarius II W0038), it only covers the GPU, but not the small chips scattered around it.

Yet another side question: how fast should the case intake and exhaust fans be? Both 120mm and 80mm ones.
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  1. okie, for you to fit that bip3 into any case, you need a crap load of modding. you can put it on top, line up to the front, or on the bottom. if your gonna put it on top or bottom, u need to mod ur case so that there's holes for air and such. as for the VGA block, its not that great, and ram needs to be sufficiently cooled. RAM on the video card isn't blazing hot, but a few small ram sinks will do. and the case fan should move a decent amount of air, but my first thing would be noise levels. case fans dont' really do much, if you have uber fans as case fans, all u'll have is a fraction better temps(which would be more minimal on water cooling) and a huge wind tunnel thingy. so look for quite fans.

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  2. Ok AINTD i told you to ask me:D I know how it'll fit without case hacking, do you have a digit cam? if you do send me a few close up pictures of the base of the stacker from all angles. And i'll point you out how to mod it.

    The rams aren't really that hot on video card, just have good airflow, in your case you have the stacker, so get the crossflow fan to have optimal airflow and you'll be fine.
  3. BTW the stacker has a huge hole in the bottom of the case already, so no hacking required.
  4. never owned one, never seen the bottom of on, so thanks for the info... and... i don't see these cases around anymore? its like the thermatake armor or something like that?

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  5. Thermaltake's Armor and Kandalf are just failed copies of the Stacker. Stackers are still around, CM is releasing a new one, that's going to cost like 2x the original, the original was already like 160US.
  6. how are those failures?

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  7. Well what else do you call an overpriced piece of ugly shlt, and when it comes to airflow, it's so much worse than the Stacker, and let me remind you the Stacker can be easily modded to mount 4-5 radiators, and the Stacker can take two power supplies.
  8. icic...interesting.. i was about to buy an armor case XD.... but stackers dont' have a window... T_T

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  9. Well what would you rather have? Good airflow(because the stacker basically has a gigantic hole on the side)? or looks?

    Back to the good old debate of performance vs looks, i know Wusy will try to persuade you into looks, but I myself prefer performance, and if you're straight, you'd go with performance.
  10. lool, i see ur point, but that big arse hole on the side really isn't going to do much for me since i'm water cooling. besides, even with the hole and air cooling, the temp difference wouldn't be noticable

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  11. Let me tell you how useful the hole is it is, i have watercooling as well. It lowers my chipset temperature by 6C compared to using the windowed side(it's optional, you can buy it from coolermaster), my ram's temperature dropped by 4C, video ram dropped by 3C, and the power regulators on the MB dropped by 12C.
  12. hmm... thats interesting... THIS IS SUCH AN HARD DECISION!!

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  13. oh, are those temps compared to a armor case?

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  14. no it's comparison between a stacker with windowed side and one with a holed side.
  15. My friend who lives a block away from me has the window, that's how i was able to get those temps so quickly. He wants the "bling bling" factor, while i squeeze every mhz out of my setup.
  16. The armor/kandalf cases will still be a lot worse than the stacker with window, because Thermaltake case doesn't have the 300m crossflow fan. And remember Stacker is watercooler's dream, so much places to mount radiators, back, top, bottom(big enough for triple fan rads).
  17. did he have around the same cooling as you did?

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  18. I benchied on my setup... I just simply took his windowed side to my house.
  19. oic, hm... i'm kinda leaning towards the stacker now... but then i can get a stainless steel server case for free...

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