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Ok, so i was going to OC this old 128mb radeon 9550 i have.. so I go and look at the memory chips on the card to see what the NS rating on them is.. turns out the card has 256mb? memory modules from elixir, N2DS25616BT-5T (5T=5NS).. and the elixir website (http://www.elixir-memory.com/products/file/elixir-256M-B-DDR400-R1.4-1003.pdf) also claims this is a 256mb chip.. however, dxdiag shows it as 128mb.. windows shows it as 128mb.. halo shows it as a 192mb... and both star wars KOTOR 1 and 2 detect it as a 256mb chip.. now im wondering what the crap is up with my card.. can the other 128mb be disabled? and if so can they be reenabled by a pencil mod or something, and if it can be reenabled, would it provide any boost whatsoever in speed? normally 256mb cards are slower because they use cheaper memory.. but in my case i already have the slower memory.. lol sorry if its a bit confusing.. all ive done to it so far is change its memory times to the more agressive ones used by the radeon 9600 pro
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  1. Heheh, hey, they probably are 256 megabit chips. Yes, I said megaBIT. AS in, it takes 8 of them to make 256MB (megaBYTE).

    Halo sees your AGP aperature setting from BIOS, which you have set to 64MB, I'd choose 128MB for that. AGP Aperature is the amount of system RAM programs are allowed to use for caching textures.

    5ns is 200MHz, the rating for your RAM. It will probably go just a hair faster.

    There were a few 9600 Pro's with 200MHz (DDR400) RAM as well, so you might find a BIOS with the correct settings for the "conversion".

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  2. lol aight I guess I got that messed up as there are only 4 of em, so thatd make 128Mb.. thanks for the tips
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