External HD doesnt always get recognized on start

basically yeah thats all that happens, sometimes my computer sees it and it works fine and sometimes i gotta unplug and replug my external back in for it to show up on windows. running windows 64bit and my external is a wd 1tb usb3.0, also on a side note if anyone knows how to fix, when i play warcraft 3 and have itunes on, my itunes used to be fine but now when the mini player is all black besides where the "nowplaying" section is.
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  1. I would say try connecting it to a DIFFERENT USB port on your computer instead and see if that helps.

    If not, then try using a different USB CABLE and see if that also helps.

    Those are the two quickest solutions to try first of to eliminate the possibility that the problem is with the USB port and/or cable.
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