OC with DIY CPU HSF or VGA cooler?

I have a ATi Radeon 9800 Pro, and I have the stock cooler. I have been able to overclock from default 378/338 to 405/360 for higher core or 390/381 for higher mem with stock. I would like to up the game and get a cooler, that would kick ass, like absolutely rape diddly (non water or liquid nitrogen, just air). Whats the best cooler for it? What i have in mind now is the Arctic Cooler VGA Silencer, Rev.3 but i don't know if its the best, or how much i can oc it by. Only just recently, i read up about the DIY cooler from spare CPU HSFs. Haha i got to admit its a pretty smart idea, considering ppl upgrade CPU coolers all the time. Are CPUs much hotter than GPUs? If so, then the CPU HSF should prove to be kickass for a GPU cooler because of all the raw power. SO i was just considering whats the performance difference in using a DIY CPU HSF and lets say a good VGA air cooler?
Comments, suggestions?
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  1. Oh and another thing, does this mean this opens up the ability to have kickass modded CPU HSFs on the VGAs? Such as the Thermalright XP-120, is said to be the best CPU Cooler for air. Can we stick that on one of our cards? =) Excited!
  2. Buy a Thermaltake Volcano 10, it's very light so it wouldn't snap your card, drill a couple holes self tapping screw mount will do the job well.
  3. so weight really plays apart in it? You sure you cant go any bigger than the volcano 10? Is it that much better than an Ati Silencer 1 (Rev 2.), having a CPU Cooler? Out fo curiosity why do you say the volcano 10? Is it because its impeccably light or because it might fit well with a 9800 pro. Do we have to take into account the size or the shape of the heatsink base? Can i get any better than volcano 10? =)
  4. Well that's the heasink i had on my old 9800pro, it's nice and small so it's a nice fit, and with a heatsink any heavier you may very well snap the card.
  5. thanks bud.
  6. Or all of the pci slots on a micro-ATX board.

    Yeah you're cheap, so you used a stock AMD, the thermaltake volcano 10 will kick your heatsink's ass:D
  7. The VGA Silencer will do the trick. I ran my 9800pro, flashed it with the XT bios, OCed it to 470/795, and ran that for almost a year just fine. I even got it over to 503 on the core with the VGA silencer.

    A CPU refernce cooler will also do the trick, just requires modding it and the core het will not be vented out of the case. I've done this with a Ti4600 and that was 2 years ago.

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