FX 57 OC to 3.54

FX 57 OCed to 3.54 Using Phase Change Kooling. :smile:
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  1. Is that supposed to be a linky? Or did you manage that? If you did...you rich b@stard! Send me some of that mow-nee!! =P

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  2. How about some pics of your machine and CPUZ or somthing... WE WANA SEE!

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  3. Hboss a link would be nice, and i know you're a cheapass and wouldn't blow that much money away on a computer:D Still on that TI4200?
  4. Yup still on the TI4200. Debating if I should upgrade to AMD or wait till late 06 or early 07 for Dual-core upgrade.
  5. Tweak Town has the story. Not mine.
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