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I have something that is really starting to annoy me. Out of all of the compression programs i rather 7-zip, but when i set it as the default program for opening RAR or ZIP files it has the piece of paper and the 7-ZIP logo on it. i want just the 7ZIP logo instead.. is this possible?

So you can see how much nicer the winzip icons look. How can i change this? Thanks.
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  1. Change the default program they open with by right clicking and going open with.
  2. No I want to keep 7 Zip as the default program i just want a different icon
  3. Some software companies lock this feature so you CANNOT change it.
    Try this. It worked for me on windows 8...

    Right click the icon on the desktop, (pop up box).
    right click Properties, (bottom of box).
    left click right hand tag labelled customised, (top right of pop up box).
    left click change icon.
    select the icon you want to use. The icon must be a .ico type file.
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