Good dBA:CFM ratio 120mm fan?

Hello folks, I'm looking for a 120mm fan to mount onto my Thermalright XP-120. I got a Panaflo 45.5dBA 114CFM, and while the airflow is definatly impressive, the noise from it is a bit higher than I would like. Do you folks have any suggestions as to which fan I should use that would have a high CFM while still having a resonable dBA rating?

Also, I had seen somone posting about <A HREF="" target="_new"> this</A> fan. Has anyone had any experience with this?

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  1. that fan wouldn't be that much silent-er. get a medium speed panaflo rated at 80 something cfm and your good to go.

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  2. Knock it down to 7v and it will be fine.

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  3. Papst fan modded to 7v
  4. You need a Fan controller.
  5. I just replaced my exhaust 120mm and intake 120mm fan for my TT Tsunami case. I got the Panaflo 115 CFM (exhaust) and SilverStone 110 CFM (intake) fan. Both of these fans push alot of air. The Silverstone is very quiet. You can really feel the wind with the Silverstone. The Panaflo is like an industrial fan, 38 mm thick vs 25 mm for the Silverstone. If you want a quieter fan, get the Silverstone (newer model with 9 blades).

    The Silverstone fan comes with a fan controller. If you were to instead use a voltage fan controller you would need to get your own jumper, because Silverstone does not include one.

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  6. The Panaflo sounds like a wind tunnel at full strength. The Silverstone does not sound like a wind tunnel. Just a quieter fan. The Silverstone seems to use less power to get the same milage. Sort of like a fast four cyclinder car with less torque.
  7. You should get a voltage fan controller. It makes a huge difference. I am using the Vantec 201. I keep my CPU fan at around 5000 rmps (around 8.5 volts) with a max of 6250+ (12 volts). The rest of my fans all run at 7 volts (lowest is 7 volts and highest is 12 volts). Since I've changed my case my temps have only increased 2-3 degrees with this setup. If I am playing games I turn everything to full. Even if I forget to turn the fans to full my CPU temp never reach 50c.

    I just changed my thermal paste tonight from Arctic Ceramique to Arctic Silver 5. With Arctic Ceramique I was running at around 36-37C idle, but I think I did a bad job while I was adding the paste. After changing to Artice Silver I was runing around 38-40C idle. WTF? Well after a 2-3 hours it dropped to 35-37C idel. I think it takes a little while for the Arctice Siver 5 to mature. I will wait a month or so to see if it drops anymore.
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  8. You should get Arctic Cooling MX-1.
  9. I told the guy above that he should have got it instead.
  10. What kind of noise does the Silverstone make? Low or high pitch? Because I want to replace my Nexus fan for something stronger, but it needs to have a low sounds, so that my case (Nexus Breeze) can block it properly (doesn't block high pitch sounds to well).

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  11. I have to go home to check tonight. I did some more testing of the noise last night. The Silverstone is not completely quiet at full strength. I am using it as a intake so I might not hear all the noice as it would if it was an exhause fan. I know the Panaflo 115 CFM has a powerful motor sound. The 120 MM fans are not whinny like the 80 mm fans (which I consider as a high pitch sound).

    Update: The 120 MM makes a low pitch sound. The Panaflo is louder than the Silverstone. If you get a voltage fan controller you would be fine with either fan.
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  12. I think I'll buy one of those Silverstone FM121's, but I saw it comes with a fan controller, can I plug it on without it, or do I have to use it? I preferrably would plug it on my modo, so it can decide how fast it should run.

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