How to eliminate noise from my computer

I need to eliminate noise from my computer assembled with a 3.00Ghz prescott on an ABIT IG7. I think to substitute mi Intel boxed heatsink with a ZALMAN CNPS7700-Cu and completly remove bundled chipset fan (that is loud) by leaving only a passive heatsink: chipset is near the zalman and probably the airflow hit also the chipset.
By consider that I don't want overclock my system, you think that all work properly, there are some restrictions about spaces, cooling problem , etc...
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Just make sure your motherboard is listed as being compatable with the 7700-Cu on the zalman site.

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  2. zalman site report only ABIT IC7-Max in incompatibility list but no IC7, maybe because Max version has OTES system near CPU:
    I'm not sure about passive heatsink on chipset that must be lower that 39mm heigth; is possible to leave only bundled heatsink that is low, with no fan ?

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  3. Probally the chipset, but it is possible to turn off and eliminate noise.

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  4. Turn the PC off.

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  5. Very helpful as forum, to be reccomended !!!
    I've solved my problem by leave it on, thanks a lot !!!
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