hp thinclient t5300 overclock and mod help

i am a computer moder and am trying to mod a hp thinclient t 5300 for anyone fammiliar with this systems they have a built in processor and run windows ce.net now i open one of this babys and they hava a flash memory mounted on a ata connector(like the ones they use for the laptop hard drives 2.5 ata hdd) so mi current project is yo get the system to recognize the hard drive and boot from it if any one can help i would apreciate
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  1. Unless you can find a BIOS that will recognise a HDD I would say you're doomed.

    You're better off trying to make a big PC smaller than make a small (semi) pc bigger, if you see what I mean.

    That said, I don't personally have any experience with the systems you're talking about though....

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