AMD fx 57 @ 3.2G with Tuniq tower 120

Did anyone tested it?
it's very hot in Taiwan last month before I got back to United State.
Accord to this Taiwan review (in Chinese)

They use it to overclock fx57 up to 3.2GHz with one 2000 RPM fan
The TT Sonic Tower has to equip with 3 delta fans to keep
up with it in another review.

I can't believe I can't find where to buy it in USA. /_\
Does anybody where to get it in USA?
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  1. TT Sonic Tower is better than XP120 in terms of performance.
    Tuniq Tower 120 seems even better.
    I have never seen anyone who overclock fx57 over 3.2G with an air cooler.

    My luggage is full so I thought I'll buy it here but that seems like a wrong decision.
    I can't find it here/_\
  2. I would rather buy the SI-120, because of the better hight of the HS itself. The XP-120 doesn't even fit on my mobo because its to low. And with this better hight, the air can travel more freely than with the tight XP-120.

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  3. the OC on the chip is very cpu dependent. if a person got 3.2 on air, then thats great. if it was a shitty chip, he couldn't have done it even with water cooling. you really can't measure the cooling capasity on a hsf or any cooler by using OC as a measurment. if you read some of the more prestigous forums/websites, in xs, people have been reaching 3.2 on air for a while now.. on XP120s. and any site with a good methodology of testing hsfs and waht not, NEVER use OC has a measurement. they use cpu temp in a controlled facility. the only advantage of having that monstrosity is the fact that you can mount 3 120mm fans on it.

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  4. But couldn't you compare the OC numbers from the same CPU? Meaning they use 5 different HSF on the same CPU. So if it was crap, then they would all struggle and if it was great they would all do well?

    Anytime someone says they have an ait cooler that can beat an XP-120 and then they talk about Delta fans that just makes me suspicious. Delta does make quieter fans but they also make a 220CFM fan...i think its like ~60DB. SO LOUD!

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  5. When is a copper XP-120/SI-120 coming btw? hehe

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  6. "Under non-extreme condition", who's buying a copper XP-120 and isn't going extreme with that? Thats like driving 50km/h with a Lamborghini...:P

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  7. copper xp120 = crap... i mean xp90c wasn't even worth it, why is it gonna make the xp120 any better. the only thing that i'm looking forward to in aircooling is zalman 9xxx. those things are gonna skeet all over the xp120

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  8. Zalman 9500 isn't that great with OC'ing, I have already seen a review of it somewhere. Ill try to search it back.

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  9. Here it is: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Okay its a good HSF, but not the best...

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  10. I found Tuniq tower 120 is also reviewed by this site.
    But I can't read German.
    By the table of this site, it seems to perform better than XP120(3960 RPM Delta fan) with 2160RPM fan comes with it.
    I am very interested to see what will happen if someone replace a better fan into tuniq tower 120 and compare it with XP 90C. ^_^

    IT seems like it's available in German.
    But with 60 euro? /_\
    There's a table listing all the testing result of their review.
    There's XP120 with 3960RPM Delta fan on that page.
    Tuniq tower 120
    I hope I can see more head to head test. ^_^
  12. Hum....
    I am kind of confused.
    In the table og THG's review, Tuniq tower120 gave lower
    CPU temperature than Zalman 7700Cu by 2 celsius degree at full load.

    Why did tuniq tower have higher thermal resistence than the 7700 Cu?
  13. cuz copper is better at heat transfer

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  14. I wasn't denying THG's testing result.
    In the THG's review, Tuniq Tower 120 keeps the intel 580 at lower temperature than Zalman 7700Cu.
    So Tuniq Tower 120 should be better than Zalman 7700Cu in terms of cooling performance, right?
  15. BTW did you guys see the new zalman cnps9500?
    Thermaltight probably released that si-120 for competition.
  16. for what the zalman is, its one fine piece of HSF, ultra quiet, small and performs well(up there with xp120)

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  17. Hey, I found more reviews on the web. Info/images/pc-powerplay-september05.gif
    Tuniq tower 120 is the best in terms of performance in both round-ups. ^_^
    Beat XP 120 by 5-7 celsius degrees under load!!
    It's no way an average cooler.
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