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I have an Intel 630 (3GHz) and I am currently at 3.6GHz and I am very stable, not one freeze doing anything or any game for a long time. When playing a game and all my parts heating up, my CPU doesn'e get past 62C (It will get better since I just put the thermal paste on 2 days ago.) I was able to get into windows and have it heat up to 63C at 3.81GHz while it encoded a huge video I use to keep it at 100% but when it finished, I went to close it and it froze. My ram is at 3200 instead of 5300 and the timings are 4-4-4-7. Should I loosin the timings or what? I would really like to see how much higher I can go, I'll stop once I get to 65-66C under full load including my gfx card at work. My mobo is auto for all voltages. Any ideas? Thanks.

ASUS P5LD2 w/ 0603 BIOS
Intel 3.0GHz P4 630
1 GB(2x512) PC2 5300 Dual Channel OCZ Gold Performance Series
XFX Nvidia 7800 GTX @ 450MHz/1.25GHz
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  1. You don't say what CPU cooler you're using. Get a decent one if you want to overclock. Something like a XP-120 or a Thermaltake SonicTower.

    Aside from that, more CPU voltage is the obvious answer. If your RAM's running at or below rated speed with it's standard Timings, then it's probably not a problem at the moment.

    I personally wouldn't want a CPU that hot, even though that's considered 'normal' for a prescott. Mozzartusm is the regular 'forumite' to ask about overclocking a 775 system. He's of the opinion that watercooling is a must to overclock these, but he'd still be a goldmine of information for you I would think.

    You could PM him, but I don't want to be responsible for him getting PMs he may not want :smile: .

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