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I was wondering if people have had much luck with MSI graphics cards. I was running a 5900XT overclocked by 10% for quite a while and have now switched to a 6800GT AGP. I have it set to 384/1104 without any problems and a 55-60 degree max. I know that it can go easily to 440/1200 but don't want to kill its life. Anyone have experience with MSI?
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  1. My MSI 6800 had bad RAM, so I sent it back for a XFX. That's my experiance with them :eek:

    P.S - My XFX just died, that's going back.

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  2. Their really not that cheap. Usually runs above most others but their coolers seem to be alot better. My 6800 is pure copper with a speed ajustable fan. Keeps it at a good temp but no idea life span based on over clocking.

    AMD64 3000+ @ 2.2GHz 1024MB Ram
    ASUS K8N-E Deluxe NVidia NForce 3 250GB
    MSI 6800GT AGP @ 385/1104
    2X120GB SATA150 7200 Raid 0
    385Watt Quiet Power
  3. Yeah, that copper hs was good quality, also cooled the memory too.

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  4. my 9550 was really cheap, cheapest at the time of purchase. and still i bet its better quality than all the other ones below it now oced to 512 core core 550 mem. i stand by their graphics cards just not their mobos.

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  5. I have a MSI 7800GTX that I've had for a couple of months now, seems to overclock well enough. Noisy SOB though. I have mine at 477/1371 no artifacts using coolbits. I don't want to mess with too much more though, thing was too expensive for me to want to fry. Temps stay below 60, and my case is a POS.
  6. Ya. Im using a MSI 6600GT (AGP) and i oc it to 565/1100 no problems. 3DMark05 score went from 2925 to 3300. I would definitely buy MSI cards in the future. Thinking of the 7800 GT, but havent heard how well MSI's version stacks up.
  7. My MSI 6800 vanilla is a good card. The stock cooler, however, was a piece of crap. Im not even convinced that its metal. The fan made a high pitched whining, and didnt keep the chip from throttling when OCd even slightly.

    Ive long since installed a Zalman AlCu video HSF and all those problems went away.

    Other than that, its been a great card. nVidia has the best drivers around, imo, and rock-solid graphics.

    BTW, it looks like MSI has improved the HSF they are putting on the 6800 with a copper version, which im sure is better than what I got back when the 6s were first launching.
  8. I have mixed feelings on this topic as i have bought about 4 different MSI graphics cards over the years 3 of them were nvidia cards and one was an ATI card. the 3 nvidia cards are still alive and kicking, but the ATI one has been problematic from day one. So currently i think i have switched over to BFG cards. Yes i know they are a little more expensive, but their customer support can't be beat, and their cards wicked fast.
  9. My 6800GT is still running good, max temp is 60C and its oced 10%. Thanks for all your input, thinking i will keep with MSI for the future.
  10. I have a MSI 6600GT 128MB PCI-X in my other computer. I used the built-in forceware overclock utility (opened through coolbits etc.) to detect optimal frequencies and it found 570/1141 tobe a stable setting. I have since been running the card on these frequencies without any issues. I didn't try to overclock them further as a few more Mhz won't be worth over stressing the card. this is already a 10%+ overclock on the stock frequencies. The card is very quite and am happy with its performance.

    The temps are 48C on idle and around 60-62C on load while running at 570/1141
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