"Upgrading" Windows 7 Download help please :(

I purchased windows 7 from microsoft from the webpage and tried to install it, im on a 32 bit and i tried to install the 64 obviously i cant launch it from within windows, i called microsoft and they said its impossible to make a bootable disc to boot from they said i need a 64 bit os to use this in?

Confirm or Deny?

Help with programs to make it bootable?

I have the x64 files on my desktop.
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  1. Any response?
  2. Pay for them to send you a 64 bit dvd, I think it's about $15 and use the custom instalation option.
  3. Microsoft does say that you can upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit.
    I did it, but I used the bootable DVDs.

    So technically I think your license is perfectly valid under these conditions.
    The trick will be getting it onto the machine cleanly...which I don't think you can do, but you can minimize the crappiness of the install

    What you could do is the following:

    Find a bootable version of Windows XP 64 (from a friend or *ahem* a torrent)
    Install it onto the computer (format the drive as part of the set up of that - assuming you are doing a CLEAN install and don't care about any of your files or programs on the old computer) If you care about your old data files, you have a lot of backing up to do.

    Once you have just the basic 64 bit version of XP on there, you can do your upgrade. Unfortunately it will attempt to transfer settings to the "new" installation. Which sucks, it won't be an absolutely clean install. The only way to do that is to purchase the upgrade DVD.


    I found out that as long as the hard drive has a version of Windows XP on it, you can use the bootable DVD's "Format hard drive" first option, to do a clean install of the upgrade.

    IF HOWEVER you formatted the drive first, it will detect that there is no version of Windows on there and will not let you enter the product key. It will tell you that you have an upgrade version and that the product key is invalid, and you cannot activate the update !!!!

    If you have formatted your hard drive already and want to use the Upgrade DVD to do a clean install you can do the following:

    1) Don't call Microsoft. They're idiots and don't know you can get around this. The stupid woman told me I had to purchase a full license because I had removed XP. Moron.

    2) Boot from the upgrade disk. Do not enter a product key when it asks you. It will still install the product, but you won't be able to activate it.

    3) Once the installation is finished, boot off of the disk again, and this time do the installation again, but format the hard drive first. Because it detects a version of windows on the drive already, it will format the hard drive and retain the knowledge that it noticed a valid version of windows on there already. It will then let you enter the product key AND activate the installation.
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