What apps are worth the money?

Hi, I'm fairly new to Mac and I wash wondering what are the best apps out there? I have limited funds to spend on this kind of thing, and so far I've been pretty lucky, only buying one app that didn't really work, but still did what I asked of it(Song Sergreant) after some tweaking. I put down a solid $20 on it and wasn't thrilled. I would like to avoid doing so again in the future. I was wondering what you guys thought the most valuable apps where, and which ones to avoid. Thanks for any help in advance.
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  1. *head scratch* Did u really pay 20bucks for that?

    There is plenty of high quality freeware and open source software for Mac.
    Just don't use the App Store. Use google to find good apps.

    I think the only paid apps I regularly use on my Mac are games and Microsoft Office.

    Some good open source software:
    - Adium is by far the best instant messaging client out there. Wish it was available for Windows.
    - VLC is a good video player.
    - Openoffice.org is a good alternative to paying for Microsoft Office or Apple iWork.
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