good price for thermalright hs?

Hi guys, i'm in thailand and as i was looking for heatsinks and fans i found the Thermalright xp120 for 43$.
Is this a good price? i found many Thermaltake 120mm fans but i'm not sure if they're good cause many say their dB rating is false. They didn't have the Silverstone fm121 that I really wanted to pair with the heatsink, but only the fm82. They might have it tomorrow though.
They also had that Zalman fatal1ty heatsink that looks exactly like a 7700, only red.
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  1. I just finished installing this huge heatsink and so far i get 33 idle at stock speeds and 38 idle at 2.5ghz.
    load temperature at 2.5ghz is 47c.
    I'm using the included thermal paste.
    Are these good temps for this heatsink?
    I paired it with a Thermaltake thunderblade with blue leds, haven't solved the rpm monitoring yet.
    The dBA is definatley false!! i'm sure it pushes 78cfm as advertised but not at 21dBA. It's not that loud but you can hear it.
  2. is your fan blowing out?

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  3. No
    Can i use a 4 to 3 pin adaptor and hook it to a fan controller?
  4. i mean blowing away from the heatsink.

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  5. liquidpaper007 means if the air is blowing in the right direction.

    I got myself a FM121 last week, and man does this thing blow air, pretty impressive. I mounted the fan controller inside my case, because I like a smooth case, and not with big buttons sticking out of it :P And I dont need to change the speed everytime, so i've put it in the case. Im getting myself another one pretty soon, together with a SI-120 ;)

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  6. The fan is blowing into the heatsink, i'll try blowing out too and see which gives me better results.

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  7. Dont let it blow away from the HS! :O It has to blow into te HS!

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  8. Not realy. Some HSF can do both with no problems!

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  9. -Update- Now my idle temps have decreased( haven't looked at load), because of the winter arrival, to 31c CPU and Motherboard temps of 25c even 24c.
  10. Lian-Li pc60, to be more specific, pc602.
    It has two 80mm fans for intake and another 80mm exhaust fan.
  11. Sorry to be offtopic a tad here, but has anyone else used the thermal paste that comes with the x-90c or the x-120. Just wondering if I should go pick up some AS5 from the local shop instead.
  12. Unless you're going for extra cool temps or high overclocking you can use what comes with the HS. AS5 will only give you a couple degrees over that.

  13. a COUPLE degrees is a huge difference. ppl dish out big money for water cooling just for that 1-2 degree difference!
  14. Lowering a few degrees for 5$, I'd say why not?
  15. Why?

    I'm not worried like a lot of the enthusiasts about every little bit. Keep the temps in the safe range and you'll do fine. For the extra 50mhz*? For the 'below 50c' - get the below 50c at 50mhz* slower and you won't know the difference.

    But lots of people do it - I guess I'm just cheap.

  16. if we don't ever try to get that last degree down and that last mhz up, cooling and overclocking wouldn't grow as fast as it would now
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