Windows 7 keeps getting blue screens on my nice machine

Hello guys, I spent a lot of time saving and planning this computer I'm on now which I've had for 4 months. I'm a big gamer so I found a computer with 8 gigs of ram, an AMD Phenom II X6 1055t processor, an ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card with Windows 7 running. This computer has been really awesome for the past 4 months until 2 days ago when it just started crapping out. I first noticed my games I would play (like Battlefield Bad Company 2) would freeze after about 5 minutes of playing, and I'd have to manually restart. Now it won't even run at all, steam just closes the game before it starts. Whenever I launch an intense program like Ableton Live I get blue screens of death.
My first thought was this has something to do with memory so I did the memtest86+ on each individual memory stick and they all passed. I also removed only one stick and kept 3 in the slots to see if my game would launch and it did not matter. So now I'm thinking maybe it's not a memory problem so I uninstalled my graphics card, re-installed it... uninstalled several programs and reinstalled them (like Java and Direct X). I also ran TrendMicro and AVG antivirus while in safe mode and they picked up nothing. Some blue screen errors say Memory Management, some reference .sys files.. basically it's a totally different message each time and I've had like 15 of them. Short of reformatting my hard drive is there anything you can think of?
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  1. How are the temperatures?

    Have you tested the HDD?
  2. Hello and thanks for responding. I didn't think to test those so I just downloaded a CPU temperature monitor from and it is maxing out at 140. I don't know how accurate this thing is, but if its correct it would certainly explain all my problems... my CPU fan might be dead or something? Im going to try a few different CPU temperature gauges
  3. video card...
    do you have another card to test in your system, maybe a buddies to try.?
    after the video card then I would try testing the HDD.
    then re-format of HDD, wipe it good.
  4. Ive spent all this time just trying to find a reliable CPU thermometer... I downloaded a better one called EasyTune6 which records my CPU temperature only at 103 degrees. I haven't tested the video card, no.. but I get blue screens on any intense application not just games or programs where they use the graphics card. I do have another one handy in an older machine I'll definitely try, however... I guess its just kind of hard to believe this good a graphics card would crap out after 4 months. Also what program would you recommend for testing the HDD
  5. 103* is too hot mate...!

    that's an ISSUE big time.
    you need to pull-out the cpu cooler and heatsink, clean thoroughly with cloth the old compound then re-apply good thermal compound like AS5 or better.
    and do it immediately.!
    while you have the case open get some compressed air and blow-out your case, even clean it an motherboard with some 90% alcohol.
  6. Well actually, just because I'm paranoid I downloaded a third CPU temperature reader.. kind of like a third opinion since the first one said 140, and the second one said 103. This latest CPU thermometer called speedfan says one temperature is at 84 degrees Celcius or 176 degrees Farenheit! Im actually going to shut down my computer right now in case something melts
  7. follow my instructions..
  8. Hey thanks for your help and your suggestions, guys. Since all the CPU temperature things kept saying different things I just went into the BIOS and it climbed from 30 degrees celcius to 50 degrees celcius in about 15 minutes just staring at the BIOS screen so there is definitely a problem with the liquid cooling. I'm sending it in for repair but I never would have thought to check the CPU temperature. Thanks!
  9. liquid cooling....!
    why would you want liquid inside you electronics case..?
    the theory amazes me... :pfff:
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