How much can i overclock Radeon 9550?

I wonder whether to buy that card : sapphire radeon 9550.How much can I overclock it,core speed and memory speed?Are there any other ways like unlocking pixelshaders or sth like this to improve its performance?Thank you all in advance.
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  1. My gigabyte R9550 is running @ 450/520MHz. I mounted a 50mm fan on the passive GPU cooler because under load the GPU got too hot.

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  2. Remember that there are two basic versions of the 9550, the one with a 128-bit memory pathway, and the one with a 64-bit memory pathway. That's the number of data lanes, not the size, you could get a 256MB card with a 64-bit pathway, or a 128MB card with a 128-bit pathway.

    The 128-bit version is just an underclocked 9600. Overclock ability will depend on the RAM, 5ns is only rated for 200MHz, 4ns is rated for 250MHz. The former poster likely has 4ns RAM, which was rated for 250MHz, overclocked to 260MHz, which is DDR520.

    You could get two cards with the same memory clock of 200MHz (DDR400) but one might be using chips with 250MHz rating, while the other isn't.

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  3. I'll buy the one with 128 bit bus and 128 MB ram because the one with 256 ram is likeli to be with slower ram can someone tell me is there such a thing?
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