Turning off the Reserator. Am I Insane?

Hello Everyone,

Like many users of the Zalman Reserator, I have had the dreaded pump noise (like a harddrive seeking sound, but louder) for some time, and I have been unable to correct it. I have a P4 3.06ghz CPU, and I have what should be a simple question for you all:

If I add a small amount WaterWetter with distilled water, and just turn off the pump, will I destroy anything?

I tried it with just distilled water for about 10 minutes, and saw my temps go from about 40c up to 60c, at which point I turned the pump on again.

Has anyone done this and had their CPU live long enough to post the tale?

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  1. Hi,

    I know it is interchangable, but I was considering alternatives, so long as it doesn't kill my machine. I came across the site below, which seems to have done it by adding an amount of tubing inside the reserator to get the hot water away from the reserators's output. This seems like the easier way to go, and should be even quieter without the pump going. What do you think?


  2. Stupid thing I one did with my water cooling set up:

    1. Get a hair dryer
    2. Point at radiator
    3. Turn on to high setting
    4. Watch CPU temp slowly rise to 80c
    5. Get bored
    6. Disconnect hair dryer
    7. Go down stairs make food (Cheese sandwich if I remember correctly)
    8. Come back
    9. Notice PC sounded quiet
    10. Notice Pump had died
    11. Noctie CPU temp @ 99c
    12. **Sudden shut down of PC**

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  3. XD

    you can't turn off your pump unless its its a specially designed passive loop.(which the zalman isn't). plus, turning off the pump will probably give you worse temps than STOCK cooling.

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  4. I have news: The last time I accidently bumped my power switch off on my Reserator, my CPU got hot enough to blister the outer protective layer of the packaging...THAT'S DAMN HOT! And then the CPU kicked off and the system wouldn't reboot for a few seconds.

    Anyway, you'd need to get the pump out of the circuit as it blocks flow. And you'd probably need to add a tube to the thing to make the hot water rise higher without re-entering before cooling. And you'd want to make sure the side with the tube is connected to the high side of the water block. And you'd want the high side to use a shorter hose, whatever else you can think of to help the heat rise.

    All those precautions still might not be enough...but then again, it just might work.

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