Win 7 + mic + realtek = fail?

Hi everyone,

I upgraded from xp to win 7 a year ago and since then have been unable to use my mic. I know this is a relatively common problem and I've read a lot of posts about it but have yet to find one where the original poster actually confirmed that they'd fixed the issue. I'm really hoping to get rosetta stone over the break but it's kind of pointless to purchase it if I can't use my mic.

I've maxed out mic volume and boost in recording devices but when using mic config in windows or mic test in steam the mic only picks up my voice if I press it firmly to my lips.

some quick specs
motherboard: gigabyte s-series ep31-ds3l
sound driver: realtek v6.0.1.6235
using a sennheiser headphone/mic set which I've confirmed to work on other computers

Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated.
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  1. Does your Realtek Control panel work? I had to Google for a newer version that works properly in Windows 7. After installing that, my mic worked just fine.
  2. If you mean the audio manager then yes I've got that though it wasn't working on one of the previous versions of the driver.
  3. I have the same exact problem with a new build gigabyte x58-u3dr/realtek 889 audio...
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