Need windows 7 for at least 2 pcs, maybe up to 4 with one liscence.

I am going to purchase windows seven very soon (within this week). I already have the release candidate (7100), and I love it. I am wondering if the home premium full disc will be enough for at least two pcs, but I may eventually need it for 3-4 pcs total. I am only willing to buy one liscence, and I cannot spend more than $250. Will home premium be okay?
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    You'll have to buy one license per PC. There's no way around it.

    Check that: You can buy a "family pack" license deal for Home Premium, but you'll end up having to pay more for that as well.
  2. One lisence is exactly what it says - the right to use it on one PC and one PC only, anything else is theft.
  3. The family (3) pack in the US is $149.99 for W7 Home Premium, not available for other versions as far as I know.
  4. I forgot to say that this needs to be a "full" install, not an upgrade, as one of the pcs will be custom built and in need of a gaming os.
  5. 1 license per PC, no exceptions. To save some cash, you should consider getting OEM copies, unless you will be going with 7 Home Premium, in which case I would suggest, as others already have, getting the Family pack.
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