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I am seeing the so-called Blue Screen of Death on my Windows 7 laptop, almost once everyday, causing my system to shut down abruptly. I have scanned the system for viruses/malware, and there is none. What to do?

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  1. Get the RAM checked. Win 7 is fussy in the area of memory. If there is a fault there it will cause Win 7 to Bluescreen.
  2. Ge the Laptop Ram checked ?
  3. RAM is one possibility; it could also be buggy drivers. I had plenty of crashes a while back thanks to a buggy and unstable wireless chipset driver.
  4. How do I check for buggy drivers?
  5. Make sure al your hardware drivers are up to date. Windows Update should alert you if there is a new version, otherwise you can do this manually from the Device Manager.
  6. I have done that already. :(
  7. Run memtest to rule out ram.
  8. This is a legal version of Windows, right?
  9. Yes, this is legal.
  10. @ Mecha: Can we run it without using the DVD drive?
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