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Cheap Windows 7??

Hey guys, so I recently thought a brand new build through and factored in all the costs and what not. (you can comment on it here if you'd like

One thing I forgot to factor in was the cost of a new OS ><

I personally dont want to spend another $200, cause the price of the build is already pushing it for me. I'm a student and I know they are Giving W7 Pro for $70 on Microsoft's website for students. That looks like the UPGRADE and not the full version of W7 :cry: Unless I'm wrong.

Main question is, is there anyway I can get my hands on W7 without spending another $200?
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    Yes. You can double install an upgrade version. I did the same.

    Install and don't enter the key. Now install again as an upgrade. That'll save you about $100.
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