Help: Black screen when booting to Windows 7

A client of my has a macbook pro and it's been working great for a few months dual booting between OSX and Win7.
About a week ago, when booting into Win7, he could get to the Welcome screen and right before the desktop, the screen goes black and there is no mouse cursor. In safemode everything works fine, desktop loads and
all icons shows up, but once back into normal, black screen.
After powering it on and off a few times, normal mode eventually works as if the problem never exist.
This 'self fix' lasted for a week until the same problem reappears.
So what is the cause of this and is there any fix?

Version he's running is OSX 10.5.7
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  1. Wait, is the Desktop coming up after a black screen?
  2. No, desktop won't come up after black screen
  3. Have you tried loading Windows 7 in to safe mode them performing a system restore? You maybe able to go back to a date before the problem originally started which might help. Otherwise you may need to run a repair.
  4. That was the first thing I did and it still doesn't work.
    Just notice, even OSX won't boot either. When selecting OSX in the boot menu,
    the busy icon just circles a for a few times and gets stuck.
    Looks like the problem isn't associated with Win7?
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