Installation error: More than one dynamic drive

I am unable to install windows 8 as dual boot with windows 7.
Installation giving error more than one dynamic drive present.

Is there any way to change unallocated partition(In which I am trying to install windows 8) into basic/logical to install windows 8 without formatting/losing whole HDD.
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  1. @scout_03: That is different turorial for dual boot.
    My problem is My HDD's all partitions are Dynamic. I want to make one of them Basic(Unallocated partition).

    There are some solution but all of them claiming that whole data of HDD will be erased
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  3. scout_03 said:

    The above tool only works when I have addition HDD .
    Main problem is windods sh*t that it not allow more than 4 partition with basic drive. When you do more than 4 partition it will automatically convert into into Dynamic.

    Finally I find the solutio
    using this Tool ISO - Windows Live.
    1.Burn as bootable pendrive using Universal USB installer (Select other linux version)
    2.Boot from pendrive HDD and change Dynamic drive into basic.
    4.[Warning]: Every thing will restored but extra partition (which is more than 4) will be deleted and data of that partition will be erased.
    (I got lucky that my extra partition was just songs and movies which I had backup :D )

    5.Now with basic disk with more than 4 partitions , Disk Management will not allow to create one more partition so just use any third party tool like and create a partition drive .

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  4. great you solve it and the answer will serve other with the same issue.
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  6. May be you did some problem in installing..!!

    for complete guidence, you should visit software development site.
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